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Spyderco Tenacious Review

KNIFE GIVEAWAY + Spyderco Tenacious Review. Watch the full video for details.

We are definitely aiming to find out is this little budget knife worth it… or does the tenacious truly suck.

LINK* For anyone wanting to purchase the knife

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10 replies on “Spyderco Tenacious Review”

Thanks for the videos. I never really carried an EDC knife(a cheap blade or box cutter maybe) but you've inspired me to put the research into a quality knife.

That was a pretty chill review. Definitely would enjoy more knife reviews with that format. 👍

good video!!! I have that same "squeaky" noise and I just gotnmy tenacious yesterday! How often do you have to oil it ?

Man by now you know or should know I really like your content lol we’ve got a lot of the same things, great minds think alike haha that said I gotta make one observation that has been an issue since the first video. I’m 4 mins in and had to stop watching because you are so quite it’s almost impossible to hear anything your saying which sucks because I wanted to watch this!!! I’ve looked over it in all the other videos but it’s time man, if you wanna continue growing and I promise you will!!! You gotta fix that man. Just my opinion here but I love what your doing, I want it to continue but if we can’t hear ya it defeats the purpose lol I’ll try to finish the video later when I’ve got headphones. Hope alls well down or up your way, I’m in Kentucky so you could be anywhere haha

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