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On a Budget? The Best Steels for the Best Price | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 31)

Jamie and Kurt talk about some affordable knives you can get in each steel category. Get your next knife here:

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Knives in order of appearance:

Kershaw 3/4 Ton:

CRKT Squid:

QSP Penguin:

Ontario RAT Model 2:

Lion Mah Xenobit:

Cold Steel Code-4:

Kershaw Link:

GiantMouse Iona:

Sypderco Native 5:

Spyderco Manix 2:

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30 replies on “On a Budget? The Best Steels for the Best Price | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 31)”

Steel means little to nothing if the heat treat is bad. M390 treated incorrectly will behave like S30V (maybe worse).

Hey guys, ya left one specific type of knife steel out, can you guess which that fits in the middle (best of both worlds so to speak)😮?? It's that Kershaw w/the higher steel set into a less expensive spine material, which btw will be the ONLY blade steel that comes w/a custom type of a design, or am I wrong🤨!!! Anyone else does the "one type of steel blade, but Kershaw is the only one doing that, and I've not heard of failures due to that type of the marriage of two types of steel (if there were, their warranty should cover it, "lest ye be really dull and go into the bird zone territory (foul!)"🤔!!! There's a problem I've got w/smooth hard handles, too dadgumb SLICK🤨! Btw, if a rubberized thick framing would've been done on the Kershaw's aluminum raised center design handle you presented in this clip🤔, it would've proven "it's NOT COOL to be SLICK", well who needs to go back to school duh!!!😖 Come on, who in their right (or left) mind "wants to have anything that's SHARP ) which due to the NO GRIP scales) sliding around in their hand or anywhere else for that matter"😮?!!? The useless "must look pretty crowd type" is the only ones that I can guess does, IMHO!!! 🤯 Thanks for the vids, have fun and be safe. Take care, "God Bless", sincerely, Randy. 👍👍🙏😇👊

In my humble opinion, Jamie doesn't have the charisma to do videos. Al though he's the host the guests seem to try and hype up the mood and he just brings it down. Same thing happened when Talon was invited. But then again this is just my opinion.

Jamie! Love your work behind the scenes. But you're a joy on camera as well. Calm, reserved, well spoken. MORE JAMIE. Such a pro!

First : I did like the video … with a proper "thumbs up!"
Second : (I was born on the cusp of "Boomer" and "Gen-X") You younger people seem to place a high value on harder steel, so that you just don't have to sharpen your blade as often.
(I'm not being too judgmental here, but that does seem a tiny bit lazy to me.)
Third : I really appreciated the video of the nitrogen blades that you did at the Great Salt Lake.
I live on the coast of the PNW, so that should make sense.
Fourth : I always EDC a small, sturdy fixed blade with me as well.
Fifth : If you need a diamond steel to sharpen your folder … don't forget to carry that with you.

I carry two blades for about five different reasons.
I can sharpen them, even if I lost my carbide/ceramic pocket piece.
A proper blade takes the environment into consideration. 😉

You should make a video on “Christmas-ham approved” EDC knives. I have XL sized hands and would love to know what fits Curt’s hands.

You guys at bladeHQ always talk about your bikes. Can you do a video with your motorcycles and what knifes you ride with?

That QSP Hawk I was waiting for BHQ to get went into stock and back out of stock in like a friggin blink.

Hey guy's , what's the Ontario model that comes with D2 but it have a Titanium frame lock for like 40 dollars? Help please ?

LA Police Gear sells a really nice s35vn folder for $40. Best budget knife to steel ratio, IMO.

Cold Steel for life!!!. I bought tha snaggle tooth kit for the code 4 this week. Works good. Never leave home with out one.

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