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Delike Brass Fountain Pen Review | A Sturdy EDC

A review of the Delike Brass fountain pen.

Bonus: Not a bad idea at the moment, as copper alloys like brass not only stand up well to disinfection, but have antimicrobial tendencies. Only one of a thousand small steps, but helpful nonetheless. (

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Pelikan Royal Blue ink:

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21 replies on “Delike Brass Fountain Pen Review | A Sturdy EDC”

I know this review have been a while but how do I disassemble this pen?

I’m afraid to break it

I totally agree on what you said about the Pelikan ink! I had the same "flow issue" with different pens lately but Pelikan will always do the job 😉

Definitely gave me some inspiration to consider the EF Fude nib. The nibs are for writing Chinese characters (Japanese/Chinese , etc) but the extra fine like that probably looks good for western characters, too. I had considered getting a large one for doing artwork and seeing how that would go, just out of curiosity, but I like the idea of this one here. I might give it a go.

Copper is wonderful, and can actually add ions to liquids drank from it, and thus into your body. I keep a copper cup, and at a hundred and twenty bucks (Which, thank goodness, I didn't have to pay), cost more than many of my fountain pens, by the sink, and try to drink eight cups of water from it each day.

Brass is a little more iffy, and depends on how the alloy is made. Some Chinese brass isn't such great stuff. High quality brass made elsewhere not only destroys virus and bacteria, it's self-lubricating, which is why it's used as liners in pocketknives, etc.

Brass is used for the clutch in better mechanical pencils because lead dust won't stick to brass. Cheaper pens use plastic, which can clog quickly because plastic attracts lead dust. Some use steel, which is better than plastic, but can still build up a layer of lead dust over time.

But copper wouldn't likely work in hospitals because the market for copper goes up and down like a yo-yo, and when it's up, people will steal copper from anywhere and everywhere. One of the main reasons we stopped using copper in pennies was because the price of copper went up so much that you could sell a pound of pennies to a junkyard for quite a bit more than the monetary value of the pennies themselves.

Needless to say, this soon led to a penny shortage. Even at normal prices, people strip every empty house they can get into. I have no doubt the same thing would happen at hospitals.

Brass, too, can be very valuable, which is why Chinese brass is usually not very good, at least when compared to brass made elsewhere. 1095 steel is also pretty poorly made in China, which is really strange since there is no simpler metal in the world. It's just iron and carbon, though hardeners are added to top end 1095 such as Ka-Bar uses.

Anyway, the fact that China makes a lower quality brass is why they're able to make brass barrels for pens such as the Jinhao pens, and still keep them affordable.

There's nothing wrong with low quality brass for unessential uses, or for anything not taking a lot of stress. China has a genius for making things work at much lower cost than we can, largely because they know when to use lower quality metals, and when not to. As a result, we get some very good pens, and other things, at prices everyone can afford.

I bought the EF, and it is SCRATCHY. They sell spare nibs, so for a $20 pen I guess I can't complain too much. But it is annoying.

No reverse writing test James ?!?
C'mooooon… especially on this type of pen we would like to see how it writes in normal mode in different angles AND in reverse mode… I do have that pen (3 of them actually) but no bent nib… yet 🙁

I really like the look of this pen, and I love stuff made from brass.
Will take a look if it fits my budget for toys…
Edit; pleasant suprise, not ridiculously expensive, quite affordable actually, doesn't ship to my location, but I can work around that.

Great choice, James. I have the pen and it’s a fantastic purchase I’m glad to have made. Simple but stylish in its own right, the Delike Brass is a neat, small, sturdy, dependable every-day-carry pen I enjoy a lot.
Talking of this, you might want to get hold of the new Kaweco Supra Steel pen. It’s a much more pricey pen than this Delike, but it’s similarly slim, stylish, and promises to be a delight to use. My order of that pen got mired in the Covid-19 nightmare, so I’ll have to anxiously wait for it to arrive, heaven knows when. You’re owed many thanks for constantly bringing affordable, lovely pens to the limelight for our consideration.

I have this pen with bent nib, been inked up & in use since day 1. Always a pleasure to write with, never hard starts. Have many small pocket brass pens, this is my favorite. Great review.

I use the clip from my brass Iraurita pen on my Kaweco Sport. It fits perfectly – and I prefer to carry the Kaweco!

Intro reminded me of goulet lol

Man i dont like this new comment system on my youtube app… God damn them and the automatic updates….

I love brass by the way.. i carry a brass zippo and also a kaweco brass sport 😛

Well nice! Love the light 'threading' design for grip and the fact that it is indeed made of brass (lovely metal) I have no issue what so ever with the lack of clip. I would have lost all mine (or accidentally given them away) when I was employed in supermarket retail. I notice that Fisher do a space pen made from a large rifle shell casing and wonder if any fountain pens are available with a similar design? (that said, I would never be able to travel with it….!) Sorry, rambling on a bit now. yes, gorgeous pen and enjoying your productions very much indeed right now.

Subscribed. This is the only pen review channel that I am subscribed to. Keep going. Good job.

My other EDC pan. This with a purple pelikan ink is nice. But I ditched the clip because I keep it in my front hip pocket.

* EDIT*** I thought this was the knock off kaweco hex pen.

I just ordered one a couple of days ago. Seems like I made a good choice. Thanks for the timely, informative review!

Hi! Nice video. I enjoyed your thoughts on a pen I also reviewed in my channel and enjoyed a lot. Mine has now some more patina/oxidation…

I want to go away from China pens due to the nutritional habits in that country. We have to reconsider where we get our stuff from. You should also dare to mention that this is a rip off. No danger in that.

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