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The Lionsteel BestMan Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at the BestMan, a modernized traditional knife from Lionsteel with an amazing blade.

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Agreed…..the missed out on this one . Good review, thanks for sharing !👍😊

A pointed blade of whatever style is the other “scary” thing. So I’d prefer a pen style blade for work.

I have this knife with the carbon fiber inserts, and I love it, picked it up at the same time as the proper and I’m surprised this knife doesn’t get more love

I have been looking for a "modern traditional" for a while. I would like it to be one handed though, which eliminates slip joints. The Pena trapper or Zulu would be ideal if they were any available. Anybody have suggestions?

I currently have a Roper Buffalo Scout that gets most of what I want but I wouldn't mind another option.

Did they change completely, their heat treatment on M390 steel? I see big difference and it is not only a couple hrc higher, it also feels much better quality heat treatment, on their newer produced blades with M390.

I’ve bought a few Italian traditional and modern traditional knives. This wasn’t my favourite. If you want sharp, try the MKM/Mikita Celina. What I really didn’t like with the Bestman was the double pivot, so I picked up the two blade, but it’s too bulky and heavy and your still left with a knife that looks like it put modularity over proper finish. All round a disappointment. Good idea, but no, I’d take the Celina, or I love the JE (I have one with cf covers). I think what you’re missing here is that these are assembled knives in the modern style, not hafted traditionals. Crowning and chamfering has replaced hafting as a deliberate choice. It’s not my preference either, but the MKM Celina does the same thing, but more successfully.

Wood makes everything less scary apparently. You can have the same gun in black metal and wood and people will say the black one should be banned instead of the wooden one version

In my experience the lion steel modern traditionals just dont have very good f&f as a rule. Very unfortunate because they have some very attractive options. That's not to say I dont own a few.

Every time you bring out that Peña Trapper, it makes anything beside it look instantly worse. I almost felt bad for the Bestman!

I love the look of slipjoints but I just hate carrying them because of the lack of a pocket clip, I just want a modern traditional with a deep carry clip! Is there a rule that they have to lack such a useful feature?!

I just picked one up in Santos wood yesterday and I was quite suprised to wake up to a review. I also agree with everything you said.

I love wood scales, but the fit of these scales bugged me from the moment I saw this knife. Great concept knife but, for $150, they done f…ed it up.

The disassembly is usually easy, the reassembly is the tricky part. I remember once I even had to use a hammer to get a small slip-joint back together. Yes, also Italian made…

Nice review as always lol. I just picked up my first “modern traditional”, the MKM Cellina designed by Burnley. M390, titanium w/micarta inlay. And it’s also ground very thin and a really great walk n talk. Finally and one of the best parts is the slip that comes with the cellina. If you get a chance you should check one out. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Thank you 🙏

Not a fan of the boxy shape of the scales. Sharp angles just aren't attractive to me when it comes to knives. Also not a fan of wood on knives either, looks cheap IMO… I'd definitely go with a micarta option.

I do like the blade shape, and it's a great steel. If they smoothed out the corners on the scales a bit, it'd be more compelling to me.

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