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Cold Steel LaFontaine Thrower knife review

Throwing the deep belly recurve blade of goodness

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You're guys may think that i am crazy but that Cold Steel 1055 is so good that i would prefer it any day over Aus8 or 440C. The edge on that 1055 is so sharp that only my large Espada in CTSXHP can beat it.It is sharper than my S35vn recon1 tanto and Code4 spear point.Yes i know,you're guys will call me crazy to compare 1055 mid carbon to S35vn but it is what it is and i compared it a lot of times and that is the result i came up with.Before i thought that 1075 and SK5 are the better steel than 1055 but i was wrong.As a matter of fact that 1055 is a tool steel guys and very,very,very tough.I read the article about 1055 and people claimed that it can be HT up to 64HRC because it is a very clean steel as far as micro structure. carbides and so on.

Donnie you know I love u all day but you got a cabinet full of knifes, let's get back to some real blades! Great now I'm throwing my Gil Hibben at the screen lol.

OMG Finally a new video, that big MTF ring of yours could be consedered a weapon. I seen a guy walking on the street with the same ring imprint on his cheek. Was dat u? lol

With all my blades, i have found that the cross body throw works out for me a lot better also.

For starters, since I own one can tell you that Cold Steel makes a 14" sheath that fits all of their 14" throwers including this one like a glove. Seeing its cutting power when it arrived, I put even better wood shaving edge on mine and also wrapped it in something tennis called Tourna tape that feels like moleskin and is very light.. It throws great and I think it is time for you to gather some end pieces and build a dedicated target. Happy steakknives,

It’s certainly satisfying having a good throw, my son wants a throwing knife,what do you think is the best style of throwing knife to learn with?

I wanted to buy this thing because of the looks but I settled for the true flight thrower. Seemed more versatile as a throwing knife.

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