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Russell Grohmann #4 Survival Knife – Review Part 2

Russell Grohmann #4 Survival Knife – Review Part 2

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Hi Chris, looks like a decent knife. Almost shaped like a Nessmuk. Great saw to, I'm sure it'll do you proud. I cut the last 100mm off the end of mine to fit it in my pack when travelling. Thankyou for the shout out mate, I really appreciate it. I'll return the favour when we're not grounded anymore πŸ˜‚ I hope you and yours are well. Take care πŸ‘

To purchased the Grohmann Survival Knife, or other Grohmann knives you can find them at

Knife store Canada is one of the companies under the umbrella of Stapleton's Great Adventure Company.
I dealt with mr Shawn Stapleton and his son, Indiana. They were very helpful people.

Hello, Chris ; Glad You Now Have A Proper Sheath for the Blade. Sad That Grohmann sent yours out this way ! Great Field Test. Love Andy & Rusty's Channel, Have Been Following Along for a year now. Stay Safe, Friend ! ATB T God Bless

I'd like to see Grohmann make a version of that military sheath with their fire steel ferule. Good knife test, looked like maybe the wood was the cause of the less then ideal feathers.

Thanks Chris!
I reckon you gave that knife a proper workout, seeing as it is after all touted as a Survival knife.
If i were somehow stranded in the bush (unlikely but possible) with nothing more than a knife to see me through the next little while.
Its important to me that knife on my belt be able to stand up to some hard use and knowing this well in advance should go without saying…looks like a winner to me!
I'll look forward to see your video on the value of larger bladed knives and in the meantime i'll go over and check out Rusty and the woodsman's channel…atvb…Dave

I gave my wife one of their kitchen knives and she swears by the quality and effectiveness. Good review on your part.

Being a boy growing up with the Bowie here in California and now 77 not at all familiar with the knife but the sheath as you say is not up to the quality of the knife for sure that is something I can speak to. As I believe I said before in a comment on another knife you reviewed. I am not a fan of rivets in any sheath ,I believe the manufacturers do this because on many occasions the machine stitch eventually lets go it's not so much the machine stitch it's the speed needed in production that is the problem I have never seen this happen on a saddle never but sheaths it is a constant problem . It's hard to beat a hand stitch saddle stitch. Good to see you again with the weather clearing up there hope you can crank out some more great video's. Happy Trails

That is a beautiful blade brother. I really like the design. Thanks for sharing this review. I hope that you are staying safe and healthy. All the best. Rod

I have had this knife for more than 15 years. It is one of the best knives I have ever had. I its been a great knife and handled everything I have thrown at it. I will say Ive never baton with a it. That is what axes are for:)

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