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EDC Las Vegas Virtual Rave-A-Thon Lineup Review!

Hey guys! In this video, I’m reviewing the first ever EDC Las Vegas Virtual Rave-A-Thon lineup. Insomniac Events put together an incredible list of artists for their first EDC live stream event and I’m SO excited to share my thoughts and recommendations with you guys.

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22 replies on “EDC Las Vegas Virtual Rave-A-Thon Lineup Review!”

Ahh I didn't know you had a shuffle playlist! P.S. We are one in the same, I used to be a trap KWEEN when I first got into EDM – Floss and Yellow Claw were my LIFE (still have a soft spot for them). Now I'm the biggest house head. WET -Wax Motif is my groooooooove.

I can't wait to blast this at work! Night Shift always gets down to Virtual Rave A Thons! Amazon stay lit!

So many here that I cannot wait to see! I'm gonna burning a hole in my rug with all the shuffling I'll be doing in my living room 🤗😄

So much house I’m so excited 🥺🥺🥺 also sidepiece!!!!! Cannot wait. Also I’m shocked you’re not into Toki her live-streams lately have been on point! Super vibey house

I'll probably never be able to attend anything similar to EDC in my life so this will be the closest I get and I gotta say, I love the variety that is going on here I am so pumped for this 🙂

Omg I am so excited for all of these artist.. literally not leaving my house this weekend and probably going to dress up

YAY!! Cant wait to see this and dance to my favorite DJs from the comfort of my bedroom!!!!💚💜🖤🧡💛💙❤ I had to refund my VIP tickets ☹😵 so this is a great opportunity to celebrate with everyone and get a taste of EDC.

I’m only a few minutes in and I can’t believe you’re almost at 20k 😱😱 ive been here since 4K! Emma you should totally make a video of your top/best sets of the weekend after it’s over and/or maybe vlog your weekend and how you tune in for the livestream 😁

I missed these lineup reviews. This whole lineup does look so fire 🔥 I can definitely say I’ll see everyone for sure! I’m curious to also see the production since Pasquale took the last two weeks off and also can’t forget the outfits he has 😂

Pretty much nailed all the genres of each artist EDC 2020 virtual May wknd. Vini Vici has that big room sound, Tokimonsta style leans more Soundtrack, trap hop, experimental disco ,IDM etc. And ZEDS DEAD are very trippy slumber like doomstep vibe obviously need to smoke a lot of U know what? Great lineup this wknd.

Lineup is stacked! Good mix of many genres & subgenres. Love your content Emma! Much love from NYC ❤️🗽

This definitely IS a sick AF lineup!… Is it going to be the exact same artists, sets and song order on all 3 days, or is each day going to have its own unique and different performances? (Since I'm so poor, money wise, this may be the ONLY way that I'll ever be able to "experience" EDC, so I definitely don't want to miss it!… But unless each day is a uniquely different performance, I guess I only need to watch it on any one of those days, but not all?… If you see this comment Emma, can you please clarify? (If you know)

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