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Opinel No.10 (Corkscrew) & No. 6 Knife Review – A French Heritage Brand & Childhood Favourite

Today I dig out an old knife (Opinel No.6) from my childhood and compare it to its newest descendent and current version. I rediscover an old brand that had its roots in peasantry but has now become an essential iconic accessory to any refined gent. Plus I also review a new addition to my collection; the large size No. 10 Knife with the new added feature of a corkscrew.
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22 replies on “Opinel No.10 (Corkscrew) & No. 6 Knife Review – A French Heritage Brand & Childhood Favourite”

I have carried the standard Opinel 10 for years in Los Angeles–but since I have large hands, the cops haven't said anything

Great knife, I use it on the field all the time. It cut just anything from wood to pvc tubes.

Hi TGV. I'm French and since watching your channel, I've always been warmed that you're such a fan of the good old Opinel. It's such a simple but great design. My grandfather gave me a no3 when I was around 8, and nowadays I own his old no8 carbon-steel. Watching you reminded me of these old moments. 🙂

Reminds me of lyrics from the French singer Renaud :” viens faire un tour dans la ruelle. j'te montrerai mon Opinel, » 🙂 i had one as a kid that I carried when hunting game and bird

Still love this video. I love opinel's and have 2 each of No 6 and No 8. Love them for daily tasks and great out camping as food knives, better for food tasks compared to my tactical military blades! Now I need the No 10 corkscrew too!!! Perfect for those vino evenings!

What's funny is that we can't even use these in public here in the UK. The "lock" apparently makes it into a deadly weapon worthy of confiscation by the police. Absolute idiocy.

Unlike my brother, who is a one knife guy, lives abroad, and lives Benchmade folders (I always buy him a replacement whenever he trashes or loses one), I like a small selection of well made, inexpensive knives (Ganzo, SRM, Svörd, etc.) and my Opinel no. 8 Inox, is my favorite travel knife, especially with its modified drop-point blade: light, great steel and non threatening – actually quite appealing! Abroad, it's a great food prep knife, and good at opening packages, cutting cardboard, plastic, rope, etc. My trusty Opinel will always hold a special place in my small knife collection. 👍

Its amazing how gracefully these knives age such as the lovely patina that your childhood version has picked up. Another brilliant item is the twist lock that compliments the elegant simplicity of the knife. I own approximately 65 knives and my no 8 opinel is the one that always goes to hand naturally. Very nice video thank you.

Your comment about the Opinel 10 being large demonstrates how messed up your laws are in Britain–an Opinel 10 is the smallest knife I have used as a daily carry since the late 1980s

Hello, First I really appreciate your video just a few more informations.
You can have also INOX blade.
The Virobloc (yhe twist can also be turned to secure the blade in position down.Also it's one of the last product that still produce in France
Also It's a really great gift to bring back from france cause you can use it daily 🙂

So unique. I have many of them. They are not Laguioles but they are in a class all of their own. I throw one in my front pocket while hiking, camping fishing as well as in kitchen, awesome slicers for rope, webbing, etc. Light and durable. Love'm. And you have the "patina" on the one obviously used, with the carbone steel. I have two and gave one as a gift, Opinels made of the same oak wood used in the reconstruction of LaFayette's Hermione frigate that sailed to America a couple years back to commemorate his journey in 1700's. Dear to my heart. Rare indeed. You may have some French roots as well. 😉

I carried one for years when I was working as a pharmacy tech–even when dealing with boxes it was easy to keep sharp

As I see you got a carbon and an inox blade do you notice a big difference between the 2 and which 1 do you like more?

deffenitly one of the best knives for the price! But only go for the Carbonsteel one's the patina is just so charasterictic for this knife

Funny, this video got me into collecting pocket knives as a side hobby from watches. I now have a few opinels and victorinox.
I recently bought the oyster knife with the beautiful bubinga wooden handle and just ordered a No. 8 with a walnut handle. Would love to get some more special ones with ebony handle or something.

Continuing through your postings today and the thing I like about this video is that for many boys/young men the Opinel is one of the first knives they have (along with the Victorinox).  I bought my first when about 15 and have memories spanning years where the Opinel No8 was THE picnic and camping knife in my pocket.  I've also found it to be a fine paring knife for the kitchen (although a bit crude for that venue perhaps). The flat ground carbon steel blade is extremely easy to keep razor sharp and as long as you don't get them overly wet and periodically maintain the wood with block oil, they hold up for a long time. I love the variety in your videos, curious if you'll be covering leather goods – wallets, card cases, etc.

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