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My new EDC IEM!

The newest edition to my EDC collective.

Final Audio B3 Here –
The Rest of my EDC
Glasses –
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Keys –
Airpod Pro –

Final B1 ($700) Here –
Final B2 ($300) Here –
Final B3 ($500) Here –

🥇 Arya –
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🥉 DT1990Pro –

🥇 Sony Z1R –
🥈 M1060C –
🥉 1More Triple Driver –

🥇 HD58X –
🥈 SHP 9500 –
🥉 Porta Pro –

🥇 THX AAA Dual 788 DACAMP –
🥈 THX 789 / 887 – /
🥉 DX3 Pro –

🥇 A8000 –…
🥈 ZUES –
🥉 Tin T2 –

🥇 SVS ULTRA Towers –
🥈 Vanatoo T1E –
🥉 Micca RB42 –

🥇 Soundrise Pro Stands –
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My Filming Equipment
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17 replies on “My new EDC IEM!”

Wow never thought you can squeeze so much quality content out of sony 6400! I know these audiophiles don’t understand/ know how good you are at cinematography and brolls! Many just won’t understand that the video production world is way more complex and expensive

Great review. But that thing about subscribing to your social media because YouTube might delete your account was… weird. Also cut off at the end. What was that about? How would your Twitter and Instagram presence save you anyway at that point?

Mine's a BTR5 and Final E4000! Inserts deep (not EX2R ear penetration deep) and snug. Bassy and smooth. Like a HD6xx in IEM form

EDC for me? Absolutely, is the blon bl03, legit one of the best values for money on the market. That iem does most things well (granted, not the most extended or detailed, in the highs, but clear/solid; some say the same in the vocals/mids, I wouldn't agree. To me the vocals are legit solid), and it's fun. Not just fun and weak in quality IMHO. But, quality, with some musical fun, in its tuning. Luv that flipping iem! I'm just realizing, I'm gonna have to buy a second, to stay stocked with one, at all times. For reals, it's that legit, to me.👌🏼💯

The least amount of drivers in an IEM, the better in my opinion. I wouldn’t buy anything with more than 2 drivers. It’s about coherency and balance with minimal drivers rather than multiple drivers with more crossover artifacts and extraneous sound signatures.

High fidelity definition – the reproduction of sound with little distortion, giving a result very similar to the original

If you have ever been to a live show or in a studio then you know that a good amount of tactile bass is part of the music. If there isn't enough tactile bass then it should not be considered high fidelity. All ba sets I would not consider high fidelity. To get high fidelity in an iem, a dynamic driver for the bass is required.

I need that Deva review, I'm like a hair away from pulling the trigger on it, just need the review to justify it. Why am I such a sheep?

My edc are tin t2 because I'm poor as wet dirt, and thinking of having 500$ something as an edc beater gives me a seizure

I was torn on this video, only because the cost is high for edc for me, but it was good content regardless so thumbs up Josh, keep up the good content regardless of my personal opinion. 🙂

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