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Buck X44 Knife Review

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Hi guys, last week I was wandering round my local branch of Fasttech when I came across this little beauty on one of the shelves. It is the Buck X44 a rather confused little knife with a bit of an identity crisis, so I took pity on it and bought it! Come on over and take a look and see what you think.

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17 replies on “Buck X44 Knife Review”

I got to compare the x44 with the Kershaw shuffle and the Kershaw is a lot better due to the bigger cutout for the indexfinger.

This is not a Buck. This is a Buck Knock off.. you need to change your title and description to reflect that..

It's quite the nice one actually. I've owned this for about an year and used it extensively. I am actually astounded by the quality of it to be honest. the blade holds good edge, has a sturdy built quality. This is literally my go-to edc pocket knife now.
EDIT : I'm in love with this little thing.

If Kershaw made a shuffle that has a wood handle like this I’d get one in a heartbeat. The handle is the only thing that holds me back

A well known counterfeit, fake, knockoff, not made by and not authorized by Buck Knives, Inc.

Hey Nash wanna ask that how reliable that wood handle is ? I just ordered it and I will carry it for self defence in India but worrying for those wood handle which does not looks to last for long during rainy season !!!!

I can't find this at any of my online stores or anywhere and I'm not sure of your store you left the link for so skeptic of placing order . I want this blade for my collection because it is an oddball like the duck knife. Can you help me out?

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