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BIKE TECH – Testing OneUp's Flexing Carbon Bar and EDC Stem with Tool Storage

This is a full review of the OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar and EDC (Every Day Carry) stem/tool system combo. For more information, here are a few additional links:

Vital Flex Test including the OneUp Carbon Handlebar, featured on Vital Gear Show:

Read the OneUp Cockpit Review on Vital MTB:,38/OneUp-Components/Carbon,27206#product-reviews/3755.

OneUp Carbon Handlebar details:
OneUp EDC Stem details:
OneUp EDC Tool System:

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19 replies on “BIKE TECH – Testing OneUp's Flexing Carbon Bar and EDC Stem with Tool Storage”

Bar flex makes a huge difference in comfort. I found that out by having 2 of the same identical dirtbikes but with different bars, I thought the bike with stiff ass renthal twin wall's front fork was blown because it felt so harsh, Then swapped bars out with the protaper evos from the other bike and felt super plush. No joke, large amount of difference. I'll be looking into these if my YT ever ships 🤠

Carbon bars + thin grips = best solution for control + reduce fatigue. It doesn't matter if you got a chunky rubber grip if you clinch those bars with the deathgrip, because that will transfer way more vibrations and hard hits through your arms and into your back etc. More room inside our palm when we are holding around a grip is key to have more than enough room to have a loose grip so we have the best ability to be as relaxed as we can be, which translates into better decision makings.
The deathgrip(or grip of death), translates into straight arms and fear, making us tense and making poor decisions. BE LOOSE, AND LOOK TO WHERE YOU NEED TO GO!

At 2:18 there is an obvious crack in the OneUp bar. That looks like a nasty accident waiting to happen! At 3:42 there is an obvious mismatch in shape between the brake clamp and the bar. That also looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Was this from abuse/neglect or was it OneUp's quality control that let that stuff slip by?

Have to comment on the bar markings… They are nice but also super confusing to a detail freak like myself.. I found changing the bar rolleven just slightly made a huge difference in performance handling! I settled just above the 66 mark.. if the "no gap" line is supposed to be aligned with those HA number lines.. but even tho I love the bars it's super nice that they put the numbers there for reference, but it's hard to know where it all lines up with the OneUp stem in terms of perfect measurement

Any experience mounting a Garmin on top of such stems? (With the top screw obviously missing here)

Nice vid! I'm not interested in the stem and EDC system as I have pockets for my multitool, but I have a lot of finger pain whilst riding and this handlebar sounds promising as it could make the trail chatter a lot less major, which would ease the finger pain.

IMHO the tool itself is way to small to be reliable on the trail. It looks like a toy next to an ordinary multi tool and I had problems loosening not even very tight screws on my handlebars. It's not just tiny but also has relatively sharp edges For me, this thing is a nice concept that just doesn't work. No Hex 8 too, not that you would be able to reliably tighten pedals with this thing anyway… Also, if you really want this tool I'd recommend the version that goes into One Up's pump. No need to buy proprietary stems or drill into your steerer.

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