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The WE Knives Kitefin Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a new knife from WE which may not be the perfect EDC knife, but it’s damned close: the Kitefin.

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That knife is ugly as sin. I don't know man i usually like your reviews but I got to say this one feels a little biased.

A kitefin, by the way, is a kind of shark. It’s a fairly small shark, averaging maybe a meter in length. Does this knife resemble a shark somehow? Not to my eyes. For that matter, I don’t think a kitefin’s fins look like kites, either.

I appreciate your position that quality is "about effort not geography," but I'm having a harder time justifying supporting anything from China at the moment if I can avoid it.

Yep, mine has a detente that's a little soft. It does fail to open all the way occasionally.But I totally agree withe review: great knife!

Good review, I recently got one and first thing I thought was Nick is going to love this. I will say the detent on mine is a little soft, still a excellent knife though. Have you thought about reviewing the We Synergy2? I’d love to see that, looks like an interesting piece.

Mine needed a bit more lock bar tension and a little break in to get the action up to par. It's still not as good as my Boos hound or Aero Mini, but for the price, I'm content.

G'day Nick, sweet design for sure. Noth'n I can really point to as a downer, though what are those holes for ? weight reduction ? to see the blade is retracted ? lol. But hey, at least you can get a version without. All in all; Stirling. Let's just hope it's not a flash in the pan. Cheers Duke

It’s good that you really like the WE Kitefin Nick. How would the WE Kitefin stack up against another $160 knife in the Ritter Hogue (Doug Ritter RSK® Mk1-G2, Black G10 & Stonewashed Crucible CPM-20CV)?

Doesn’t the detent ball ride along the blade tang as soon as it gets up on the blade anyway? The only time it’s ever off of the blade is when the knife is open. I wouldn’t want to keep my finger there pressing over on the lock bar anyway

we is sponsoring blade banter now….. wonder why they got that nice description up on their site…

Okay thanks Nick for another wonderful review. I am sorry that some people are disappointed that it’s a Chinese made knife and you gave it high marks but I have seen you praise knives from all fronts. And also give them bad reviews no matter where they where made so I respect and use your judgment on knife purchases. I thank you for being honest on the knives not on the makers that is what I am buying is the knife so again thank you good sir.

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