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The Three Rivers Manufacturing Nerd Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a small knife which is super nice in the pocket, the TRM Nerd.

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Well, if you compare it to the Dragonfly, for 133$ you can get the Dragonfly with HAP40 steel core and pakkawood scales. Quite better on almost (I don't like lockbacks too much) everything, imho. And still 50 bucks cheaper.

Please take this video down, I have been waiting for one of these and now I will need to pay the shabazz tax

Bryan from Boston here. I was eagerly awaiting the review because of Boston's blade length restrictions. I think I'll pass and stick with my Dragonfly, Roadie, SAK Cadet, and TRM Nomad for knives in this size range. Maybe some day an Olamic Busker?

G'day Nick, like the TRM designs, a lot, and this one is no exception. Good look'n little fella and I can see it being a very handy tool depending on one's needs. I'm in two minds over that deployment groove, its bound to collect crud but it is effective enough and looks very cool with the logo. I''l give it the benefit of the doubt. So ultimately, just the choil and clip ergos need to be addressed IMO.
Thanks for the review mate. Cheers Duke.

“Hey nice wood!”… I actually chuckled. Sometimes Mr. The Nick cracks me up with his shit jokes.

Gimmicky scale and needs to be modded right out the box, blade needs to be thinner not good. They seem to listen so we’ll see.

Nick, you were way too kind with the blade heel issue. The knife's whole ergo experience rides on that choil area fitting comfortably like it does on the dragonfly. That's going to kill the knife for the majority of folks – nobody wants to mod things to make them usable right out of the box, especially when you're over $100. Gone are Nick's fiery days of youth…

Nice little knife. I prefer the Neutron for it's blade, but this one is not bad at all. I do wish that TRM could increase their production to make it easier to obtain them after they open again, and add the improvements of the Atom into other models and then I just end up buying the whole damn line, since they make excellent knives, but right now it like a brawl to see whom will be able to type in their information quickly enough to make the order when they have days they allow you to purchase.

I like wood scales but these techwood or however you spell it just look a bit cheesy somehow.

Since the liner comes with a lanyard hole, if you want to use a lanyard, you can just drill a hole in each scale to line up with the hole in the lanyard. You could get new scales if you want to, but it isn’t necessary.

I think you've mellowed, Nick. I think the issue with the blade corner at the choil would once upon a time have made your blood…boil…eh?

Rhyme alternative to a pun.

I'm one of those people who has the philosophy, "If I'm spending $150+ on a knife, it better have the best damn scales ever made by a human."
You bet your sweet bippy why would I buy $50-70 scales for a knife I already paid $150+ for?

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