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Is this $55 EDC the best quarantine survival knife?

It doesn’t get much better for a $50 pocket knife than the Civivi Asticus. It has awesome looks, great flipping action, and a large slicey hollow ground blade. A D2 blade that will lay waste to your toilet paper, ramen noodles, and beer boxes. Civivi is We Knife companies budget line of pocket knives, and they have fit and finish and quality control on par with knives that cost much more. This review compares the Asticus to the Baklash, the Praxis, the Spyderco Para 3, Para Military 2, and the Cold Steel Broken Skull.
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30 replies on “Is this $55 EDC the best quarantine survival knife?”

I have no problem with clickbait titles, but I would still like the name of the knife in the title itself and not just the thumbnail. Still a great video as always 🙂

I bought this knife because I really like the way it looked but I don't carry much because I think it's too big and people will trip out when I pull it out.

If you want what you describe as a survival knife and as what you describe to be needs to be done in quarantine—- skip this junk and then get yourself a Cold Steel Tuff Lite or hell even a CS Pro Lite—both does all the shit that you mentioned and both are 25 bucks….then you can buy some more shitty beer with savings.

Miller Lite is superior, Mr. AdvancedKnifeBro. And I have the Civivi Courser, which is pretty good; not as pretty as this one though. And my wrist work-outs are none of your business, sir.

Manufacturers need to calm down with all these fucking choils, give me all the cutting edge.

I'm currently training my survival technic for when I get attacked by a brownbear – lie down and don't move. But, I live in a city and rarely set a foot outside in nature, so you can bet your ass off that I always wear a paracord bracelet with an firestarter and kompass in it and practice dayli my tactical Lynn Thompson "phillipino- foot-technic"

The second I saw the logo I simultaneously clicked the video and whipped my backlash out of my desk draw and started flipping!

Your reviews are entertaining as always. The comment about super steel guys buying knives to look at is spot on…so many M390 pocket ornaments these days! Keep it up, Advanced Knife Bro.

You're a niche comedian. I can't believe you didn't lock onto "the ass to kiss". Still love this channel. Keep feeding us.

I would buy a Para2 with natural g10 if they would offer those again. I wasn't into knives yet when they offered them the last time….😢

This comment is definitely not being made by a subscriber solely just to increase the engagement youtube detects on this video, which would affect the likelihood of this video being recommended.

Please for the love of god get a Kizlyar Phoenix Combat so I can live vicariously through you.

I am to snobby for this knife. Or even we knives for that matter. But check out bladehq they have some 200+ dollar we knives on sale right now for under 100. Also I use my sebenza 21 everyday. Cardboard, plastic strap, and all my edc needs. I don't mind using my expensive knives at all. I like to see what they can do.

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