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HX Outdoors D-165 Fixed Blade Knife Review. Best Ever for Tactical Mercenaries?

The HX Outdoors D165 is one of the most Tactical Knives of all time for Mercenaries, mostly because it says it on the side of the blade. If your the baddest Ninja in the Mall, and demand respect- this is the only knife you should ever buy. It consists of a D2 blade, G10 handle, and absolutely no bullshit. You can buy it at Gear Best, so you can impress all of your Mercenary Fantasy friends.

Buy it at Gear Best for $49.99 with coupon code: HXd165jx

21 replies on “HX Outdoors D-165 Fixed Blade Knife Review. Best Ever for Tactical Mercenaries?”

I was looking for a blade below 5inches because my boys out troop wont let us have a blade that long

I have the same one, i also collect knifes and its one of my favourites now, tried it on hunting camping and fishing its Awesome !

The weight and thickness of recent ”tactical” knives reminds me of the big blade craze from a few years back. The giant, thick Busse type knives that were 12” long and durable enough to chop through just about anything. Even these big knives had a full flat grind so you could cut decently with them. In the big blades the thickness was appropriate. These new shorter knives invalidate their usefulness by being think and heavy as a 12” blade should be. They can’t slice because they are too thick and make bad choppers because they are too short.

Amazing video, not so much the knife. The tacticality of the design feels a little trashy, the handle is especially ugly

LOL I'm no knife expert but this guy obviously from the start did not like that knife. It's easy to make something look very bad and stupid with very bad and stupid commentary. I like how he purposely tries to break the tip obviously assuming that he is going to break it and at 4 minutes and 58 seconds does an amazing slice through this wood and doesn't acknowledge it, and still downgrades the blade throughout the whole video. Sometimes I just can't watch reviews when people obviously don't like something, just show respect for the knife and admit it's a pretty decent knife for the price even if it's not your style.

Please also include the weight on the moon.

This knife will obviously be standard issue for the Space Force.

That knife was a bit of an abortion. 😂 the blade grind was terrible looking.. same with the handle. I think tantos have there place for sure even though I’m not a fan of them all that much. The handle had those 90 degree serrations on bottom of the grip area where your fingers rest, that appeared to probably cut better then the blade. Great review as always.. hope you got this blade for free. What was the price on that thing from a retailer?

The tacticalness would be improved if it were 3 shades darker black with no shiny parts and some spikes coming out of the handle

every time I hear tactical I hear Preparedmind101 with a 59 pound pack of tacticool as he probably calls it

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