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Ferum Forge Falcon Review Good and Bad

Todays review is on the Ferum Forge Falcon and I talk about the good and bad about the knife in my opinion. Thank you to Abby_Normal_1969 for letting us check this knife out. Link below

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Recommend the Dao (tech or saber milling) the crux (tech saber pattern in bronze), and the falcon (wing milling)!!! All drop and FF made by Not me, bot you, but WE.

I love mine. I’ve Carried for over a year now and maybe over 2 ? I was on the first release of these and allll of the drop / ferrum forge collaborations are good (they have their quirks — each one has their flaws that are almost dealbreakers in some cases but I’m still drawn to using them for their ability and style). Second item- how did you flick or thumb flick this knife. I. Can. Not. Your fingers are buff as hell dude. I felt like I was going to crack a bone trying. Third, I actually dig the “chunky” profile and I call him “chunky,” in quotes, because he is a normal size width and blade stock, with a normal sized detent ball and pivot, but the blade and frame are smaller — it’s like a little big knife. It can still hold it’s own and it won’t bend or snap in a hard situation, so I don’t feel too weird carrying such a smaller blade, when I can rely on its size still, while it just has a smaller carry profile. I used this knife at my sons 6 y/o party and a lot of the moms asked me where they could buy one 😳. I was worried they wouldn’t like me pulling out a knife to cut lines and hang up signs etc. that knife was whittling wood, opening boxes, making rent stakes out of sticks, taking down piñata ropes and making it look sexy. I adore the finish on WE , with the stonewash. I know Nick shabazz complains about it and then a lot of people will kinda listen and agree with him — but they stonewash is killllllllllerrrrr. They do a fine job. They match some of the custom level finishes. Ferrum forge for the win again. I have 3 so far but I’ll keep buying if they keep dropping lol.

I submit we all just stop referring to these Ferrum Forge knives as "Drop" or "Massdrop". They are no more "Drop" knives than a CRKT Pilar with a particular steel a-la BladeHQ is a 'BladeHQ Pilar. Drop was just a middle man. You can buy these off Amazon. Should we call it an Amazon knife too? No, of course not. That's just stupid. So is calling the Falcon a Drop knife, its exactly the same thing. Moreover, who calls the Archbishop 2 "the AB2 made by We". Answer: No one. Its a FF design, made by We. I'll just be calling it the Ferrum Forge Falcon. That has a better ring anyway.

Really enjoyed the review. I don't understand why they used T6 screws. Good looking knife. Has a definite tactical look especially with the black coating. Should be a good user.

I remember when this first dropped. I wanted one sooo bad. I still like it but my knife taste or should I say purchase reasons have changed. Thanks Jarrod for the review. Hope I spelled it rite. If not let me know how so I don’t butcher your name bro!

I really like this knife. It reminds me a lot of the MiniArch Bishop…except for the liner lock VS the frame lock.

Another one of my Black Friday purchases last year. $100. Fantastic value. I think Massdrop has the basic version right now for $100. This one does see some pocket time. Great size for work and EDC. I prefer larger knives, but so many stupid knife laws in my neck of the woods means that I typically carry 3" or sub 3" blades. Thanks for the vid.

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