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Condor Moonshiner Knife Review

Here is my review of the Condor Moonshiner.

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I wonder why they call that The moonshiner that named in itself would just turn me off…… You don't need a knife that big to make moonshine a old timer pocket knives is all you need to open up bags and stuff……. It's like if a knife company made a sword and called it the deer Skinner…. Just sounds stupid

I agree whole heartedly with this review. The workmanship and materials are excellent, especially considering the sub 50 dollar price tag. But the design needs a bit of tweaking

Jim Bowie would like this killer design on this blade Moonshiner and Daniel Boone would like the Hudson Bay knife. Hope that helps.

It can be used as a Bush Knife, but its a real tactical design and it's listed by Condor as a Tactical Knife or Kniph. I'm going to get one real soon.

Hi Dave, Just curious, do you think this Moonshiner could be improved/modded by grinding blade/tang like your Hudson Bay and replacing handle like you did on the Wood Law??? Really enjoy your and Brooke's videos!! Regards, Old John

That's a tactical knife,so claims Joe Flowers the designer of that knife, but it can double as a outdoors tool you know. One guy even throws them.

I have both and I love them both! The Moonshiner is my favorite as it fits my need of a big knife and machete in one. . . perfectly! I would never consider using the Moonshiner for feather sticks or detail carving. . .it just too damn big for that. . .its a chopper! I have the Condor Bush Craft knife for that! I have them both Ranger banded together and other than my Ax, they provide all that I need to do just about everything. As for the handle size, I guess they had guys like me in mind cause it's a perfect fit (gorilla hands). So if you want a big knife that comes scary sharp and can take a beating out in the woods. . . this is your BEAST! I appreciate and value your opinion Sir. . .It's just that one size does not fit all! See you in the woods. . .D

Custom choil alert…, nothing like a dremel and their different bits and disks to customise a blade, right? and I´m a little biased here because I love a finger choil on my knives and also some jimping grooves but, hey, that's me!!

The thing is it's a bowie. Bowie knives seek to be a sword, chopper, skinner, and various other things all at once. It's a jack of all trades design and that means a lot of compromises.

That's Condor for ya. not one knife is like another. mine has a finger choil to choke up on the edge

Big knives are cool but not what is really needed. I have found that my knives have gotten smaller as my ego has receded and my sagacity has increased.

The ironic part is that the handle redesign was do to complaints/suggestions from users of the hudson bay knife, mainly that the hudson bay's grip was to short and had no pommel hook or lanyard hole ( the swedge was added to accommodate the moonstalker, a "tactical" version of this knife), I heard Joe Flowers(the designer) talk about this in an interview. To me the hudson bay is just a better knife. And is that a sharpening choil an inch away from the actual edge? Does that notch serve another purpose?

It's really all about comfort and fit with knives. If they don't feel right naturally at first hold, they probably never will.
Great video, thanks for sharing! Watch your top knot!

I don't know why they put that unusable section between the handle and blade. I like all my blades to go right to the handle. no gap, no choil, just blade. The fit and finish on my hudson bay was a little disappointing. I thought condor put out better stuff than that. The good news is I can fix most of it. In the end condors are worth buying if the heat treat is done correctly you can customize the crap out of it and turn it into a bad ass knife. Good points on that knife. I like your review style. all about the use. good job

Taking that plunge line back or even throwing in a big choil would help with fine tasks cool video thanks for the heads up

All valid points and with that all that raw metal they could have even put a choil. Good video chief!

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