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Buck Tops CSAR-T Knife – Review

In this video I talk about the Buck Knives and Tops Knives collaboration: The CSAR-T Combat Search and Rescue – Tool folding knife. I give this knife a big thumbs up as a extremely rugged, survival capable folder.

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The hole up at the top of the blade may serve to be a wire cutter much like bayonets have. See link.

mine, sadly, arrived with a chipped choil.. it's not a big issue, but for 120 euros it bugs me a lot… my gf ordered it via amazon for my birthday, but she got it months before for fear of a possible sold out, so i was not able to replace it.

is it normal that the logo is scraping away in just 4 months?

Nice gun! haha
Btw, its ATS-34 steel, which is roughly the same as 154CM, but is concidered a higher quality, produced by Hitachi Metals. (Not Crucible Industries) Also has a Zirblast finish, which helps with retaining the edge and overall durability of the steel. 

I think you might have rolled your edge, or at least it looks like it from the angle.

Yes.. makes sense for the lanyard hole.. thought it was just for tool attachments but it must be the standard size for the O2 tanks.

thank you.. thanks for the information I was wondering if they had a purpose besides design/lightening..

I own one of those. I'm not a fan of the lock, I prefer the lock on the back of the knife and not putting my thumb in front of the blade to close it. The first time I closed my knife it took a chunk of my thumb, so it like blood now and then. Also the lock kept jamming but it was just a break in thing, now it works flawlessly with vivid flashbacks to blood every time I close it.

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