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Becker BK2 Companion by KA-BAR knife review

A sweet camp knife used for everything from skinning to fire starting

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DBAD, All I am getting is buffering and no video. Judging from the comments, many think the BK2 has a slippery handle. That is total BS. I own virtually every BK knife made. The BK2 is on my side virtually seven days a week and has been there for years ! It is a very serious chopper that is capable of virtually any chore in the field ! That knife has never slipped from my hand and the ergonomics of the handle sets the benchmark for comfort with no hot spots, blisters or soreness. I can wail away at anything for hours without a problem. I keep the edge razor sharp and the 1095 steel of K-Bar is specially formulated with chrome vanadium ( Cro-Van) to increase edge retention . It is easy to sharpen and other 1095 steels do not come close to the edge retention factor. If my hands are oily I cut a piece of bike inner tube the length of the handle and slip it on as a means to ensure handle gripping !I wouldn't butcher up the handle with assinine cutting into the handle. I put paracord through the hole and a slip lock then tie both ends together. I put this around my wrist as a safety feature so the knife doesn't get lost in the event of something going wrong. I can also let the knife dangle off my wrist if I have to use both hands for something, then I can sling the knife back into my hand when I need to resume using it. Learning to sling it back into the proper position only takes a minor amount of practice ! That knife is every bit as good as a nice hatchet and can be used to fell small trees, even with baton use ! Batons will not phase the knife. ! I have made bowls and spoons and even cups with the knife. There is nothing that knife can't do. Great combat knife as well. The thickness inserted into the enemy coupled with the twisting motion will bleed him to death in record time ! You can castrate a bull elephant , rhinoposterous or hippopotamai with it if you like African oysters ! The knife does all that and so much more ! You can even field strip an old Buick with it ! Gut deer or elk or moose in the field ! Why you can even circumcize a lizard or bullfrog with it ! Well any way, wear the knife for about a month and do anything that comes to mind, you will see what I am saying ! Take care my Veteran bro. God bless you and the ones you love, later !

I totally agree with you Bro! I love the shape of the Becker’s and a bk 9 I would love to own take care brother and stay save

They make some good knives and have to work on those handles for sure….Good vid….Good stuff….

man you and cowboy got a huge knife collection.i hope you guys are sponsored with free knives

That knife has been on my list for years actually the one that's been discontinued I think it was the BK 6 but that one would be plenty of knife for me. The one thing that kept me from bringing that thing home with me was the handle I felt like that much money for a knife to handle should be better. I don't want to pay that much money for a knife and then have to put my own handle on I want it ready to go on start slicing and chopping not have to go shopping for a new handle

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You have the best videos DBAD. Thank you for always making my day. Have a good one brother.

Try and take a dremel and carve your own x pattern grip into the scales, i did that and it turned out perfect!

Don’t buy ONE… buy TWO of them. Got the two for my wife’s RAV4 and my Tacoma. These are sharpened ‘pry bars’ and that’s what I needed for our vehicles. I actually like that plastic Taiwan made sheath. I merely drilled out those 3 rivets from the plastic hanger, and added a Blade Tech Tek Lok. Good to go for belt hanging. Honestly I don’t belt carry, so the plastic sheath works fine for sitting inside a vehicle trunk. I’m happy to support a USA company so I’m happy to overlook said ‘Grivory’ grips. I just want that USA steel and I’m avoiding buying anything from Zhina. LOL Then I took some dumpster PVC 2” pipe and a heat gun to mould my own custom sheaths having taken designs from the internet. Google is your friend. This knife does have an NSN (National Stock Number) so it’s issued to NATO forces (I never got one back in my deployment days) of some sort. I stripped the black coating off one BK2 and “gun blued” that baby nice and dark charcoal-like. Thanks for the review and your energy! All the Best!!

Great review. Super impressive knife. I'll agree with you on the scales. Who do you go through for your knives (Knife Center, BudK, etc.)?

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