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Hubertus Springer Lever Lock Switchblade Knife Review

The Hubertus Springer switchblade is a classic lever lock automatic knife design. Hubertus-Solingen is one of the last makers of this style of automatic knives and each one of these old-school switchblade knives is hand assembled by German craftsmen.

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28 replies on “Hubertus Springer Lever Lock Switchblade Knife Review”

This cool video makes an AWESOME AND COOL drinking game if you down a really cool shot of hooch every time he says the word "cool". You'll be plastered by the really cool end of this really cool vid!
(I counted 15 'cools'. Not bad for a 7-minute video!)

I’m very familiar with Hubertus automatic knives, having imported and sold them in many styles by the hundreds in the 1990’s.
At the time I was dealing with Henning and Beata Ritter, whom I presume are still running the company.
At that time it was extremely difficult to obtain a quality springer here in the USA, and virtually all used the “kick-spring” method of opening.
Fast forward to modern times, and with the advent of coil spring technology, and the kick spring is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.
The Hubertus is no doubt a cool historical brand, but is way outclassed by the coil spring operating mechanism.
Anyway. Thanks for posting, I did enjoy your video.

Phil Griffin

I've got a few (unused) Hubertus lever lock knives for sale. Any idea where can I advertise them?

AB and AKC out of Italy make quality leverlocks as well. I couldn't tell you how many times I've played with it (it's addicting as hell), and I see no signs of the spring wearing out.

I have an AKC lever switchblade myself and while they are pretty nice knives I’ve always wanted one of those hubertus made ones.. they just seem a few steps better made.

I need one and a leather jacket and some smooth do. All kidding aside, I love it.

Awesome…nice that you use the terms inches and centimetres. More German made knives please!

Hubertus knives are great. I have a few. Hubertus uses a kick spring instead of a coil spring. Over time, and with wear, the edge of the blade will protrude from the handle when closed. They are best stored in the open position.

Good review . I think That lever lock mechanism is copy from Our Indian "RAMPURI KNIFE " (The first auto opening knife in "WORLD" from 18 th century )

I wonder if they'll demonetize this one for those "scary" and "dangerous" switch blades.

Good video. I have around 20 switch blades and 3 of them are from that company. I have been getting switch blades since the 90's.

From what I understand, John Wayne used a Hubertus in the movie Big Jake. I ordered one as soon as I saw your Christmas gift video featuring it!

Thank you for sharing Brian
Enjoy your freedom!
Cool knifes here in the UK I would be locked up for owing one

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