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Tool and EDC Review: Leatherman Skeletool CX Multitool

My thoughts and opinions regarding the Leatherman Skeletool CX multitool.

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@9:33 I've heard if you put the plier head in the handle, when you're using the driver bit, it's a little easier.

I know this is an old video but wanted to share a tip on the driver.. If you put the pliers in the side with the knife the driver is more in line and less "wonky" love this tool great video 👍

I would not consider a multi tool an every day use tool. It is for those odds and ends jobs. Yes the screwdriver does wobble. Great thorough video. I wouldn’t mind if my pliers were a bit more “sloppy“. All the best. Will.

That little hole you have your lanyard tied through seems like it would be prone to bending and sandwiching in on itself, have you found that to be the case or is it pretty solid?

I have the stainless steel and aluminum version, carried it for about 2 years. The combination of pocket clip and single handed opening of the knife is what I liked most.

I use the driver with a t-handle configuration; so open about 90 degrees with the pliers head folded into the bottle opener side and thumb and forefinger on the driver handle for stability.

Great review! I ordered a used one last night too. My concern is the lack of scissors, but as you mentioned, I could also easily carry a Squirt in addition. Great idea!

Great review man I think the wave is for me personally but you can see from your review why it would work for say mountain rescue etc cheers

The freestyle/skeletool line strikes me less as less of a primary tool with their limited tool compliment, and more as a good secondary tool, with its primary pliers and oversized knife, to compliment a swiss knife or another smaller tool with more numerous other capabilities.

Sorry I'm commenting on such an old video, but I really like your channel, and I would like to give you some props. I like how you talk about the effectiveness and use cases of tools rather than just listing specs, and give some personal insight. Even though knife reviews are such a mundane and (I admit) geeky thing, yours are some of the best I've found. Keep up the good work!

Great review. Leatherman stands by their warranty. I had the original Supertool for about 18 years and the pliers tip broke. Leatherman sent me a brand new Supertool 300!

Two comments,

If you want it more grippy and don't mind modding it you can use grip tape on the flat faces of it and take an xacto knife and cut out the outlines of the metal frame…will add some grip to it.

Comment 2: if you hold it the other way when using the pliers then your fingers will be on the end with the driver sticking out rather than your palm…then the driver sticking out is not an issue.

where is it made? i just bought a supertool 300 for a backpacking trip through europe….wish i has seen this before.

Thanks for the video. I am looking for a replacement to the Wave as we have changed uniforms and the weight of it pulls the belt out of the hoops when getting dressed. I am a firefighter (therefore anything plastic is out) and find that I use the knife most of all, the screwdriver occasionally and the pliers even less. If I need bigger tools the truck is close by.

Just curous; imo, that little bit of paracord won't do much good for you in a "situation."  Do you use it just for a handle tug?  I'm a paracord guy (just ordered the Skeletool CX which is why I was watching your vid) so all I would recommend is carry more paracord (the more, the better).  I have paracord survival bracelets (w/fishing gear woven in), a paracord wrapped belt, shoelaces, hat band, and other stuff.  So I usually have 125 to 175 feet of paracord on me at all times.  From tossing a line in a river to save somebody/starting a fire/rappelling out of a burning building (climbers would advise against it, but I know it works)… it's just too great not to have on you.  10 million uses.

Yes, but it depends on how much you're planning on cutting. A few links would be fine, but I wouldn't want to do it on a regular basis. The handle just wasn't designed to comfortably apply that amount of force for an extended period of time. Maybe with gloves and regular touch-ups to the cutter edge you could do it more often, but if this is what you're buying it for mainly, I'd look for something a little more robust in handle design and cutter edge.

hey man do you think I could clip through a standard fence with the wire cutters on these?

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