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TIN 2 Spy Kit +Laser Beacon PREVIEW: Pt. 7 Ultralight Survival Kit

Here’s pt. 7 of my One Pocket survival kit video series: Tin 2, The “Spy” Tin. [No, I’m not a secret agent/super ninja/CIA spy, but I play one in my over active fantasy life, and this tin carries my toys. 🙂 ] It’s just for fun to play around with, so please don’t take it too seriously; I’m just goofing around. [On weird occasions I have had to break windows, pick locks, etc., legally, so you never know when some of this stuff might actually come in handy, though!]

It is supplemental to TIN 1 (the core essentials) and is only carried on special missions. It is NOT meant to function as a general purpose survival tin.

Note: YouTube says my annotations may not show on cellphones, tablets, and TV devices, (or if viewed full screen ?), and pop-ups must be allowed in your browser settings to watch the interactive videos offered.

Tacked on at the end of the video is a sneak preview of my homemade Laser Distress Beacon. It is NOT a toy. It is the real deal and potentially quite dangerous. It’s of course illegal to aim a laser at aircraft, ships, police, etc., so don’t do it, but I’ll discuss a 2012 Act of Congress which makes an exception for “an individual using a laser emergency signaling device to send an emergency distress signal.”, in the next video of this series:

Click to see me construct my paracord survival bracelet design (shown in the video) in 60 seconds, with no weaving necessary:

Click to see my bracelet’s trick, 5 SECOND DEPLOYMENT into ready-to-go, emergency cordage, with no UNweaving necessary:

Lasers are dangerous, even by reflection off mirrors, so do not leave them where kids will get at them. Currently over a dozen people, usually children, are blinded by lasers yearly. The overall safety of my laser is untested so I can’t advise people to aim lasers at others under any conditions, even if just flashing them briefly at a great range.

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