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Stanley QuickSlide Utility Knife Review STHT10828 New model

Lots of cool features on this handy utility knife. A great bargain for about 5 bux. Here’s the product info from the Stanley website
Features and Benefits

Renovated Design:
Slimmer and more compact*
Includes carabineer and bottle opener
Easy Blade Change & Slide Operation: For quick and easy loading
Simple, Die-Cast Design
Number of Blades: 1

*Compared to previous model Stanley 10-1810

10 replies on “Stanley QuickSlide Utility Knife Review STHT10828 New model”

They are the best pocket knife that i have ever use for construction,they are so help full better than a fancy hi dollar one

This was a VERY wordy repetitive video. Ugh. Thankfully not any longer than it was. I have the knife and the blade won't pull out. I loaned it and I think someone got dirt jammed in there. There is a screw on the back and I was hoping to find out what that was for and/or how to disessemble for cleaning. Oh well. I had changed the blade. I think I'd used instructions on the package which, of course, I no longer have.

I’ve had mine for over a year and it’s still as sturdy as the day I got it. The blades I switch every end of the week and they’re no big deal. You can get 5 blades for less than a dollar. Great buy!

Thank you for showing how to change the blade. The instruction on the back is not easy to understand.

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