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Prepping: Ontario RAT 1: AUS 8 versus D2 EDC Review

I’ve had the Ontario RAT 1 in AUS 8 steel for about 9 or 10 months and have enjoyed the knife. It’s very sharp, durable, has a great fit for my hand and has become my preferred EDC pocket folder. After watching a couple of YouTube videos I discovered the Ontario is offering the RAT 1 with a D2 steel option, so I decided that I should investigate the difference in the two steels.

Ontario RAT 1 (AUS 8) $34.99

Ontario RAT 1 (D2) $36.95

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Guess I love the rough part that you don't like. Gives a good grip. Definitely an area people could vary significantly opinion wise. I definitely love the rat though. Nice knife, opens easy, and good steel options. D2 is rust resistant and just barely under the stainless category which is why many don't complain about rust. I have an aus8 and it seems great and keep thinking to get a D2.

The Ontario RAT-1 is a superb knife!
i have 8 of them, several AUS-8 models both full sized and the compact RAT-2 and a full sized D2 blade model.

every one came perfectly assembled with excellent fit and finish, perfectly centered blades and razor sharp, with buttery smooth actions and rock solid lockup at 50% engagement depth.

They have superb ergonomics and are one of thr most capable and versatile knives ever made.
i love them all but im especially partial to my D2 bladed model.
its edge holding equals knives costing 4 to 6 times its cost.

you cant go wrong with a RAT!

My d2 rat 1 did suffer from pitting after alot meat prep despite cleaning without dismantling. D2 I find is a sod to get a surgical edge on despite having a large black Arkansas stone, a very hard steel. Think I may try a diamond system rather than my waterstones as I now have a few d2 blades to deal with.

Trust me. That’s not a lot of snow compared to northern Ontario Canada. I had no idea it even snowed in North Carolina.

I think that the D2 can improve the AUS 8 only if they HRC degree not up of 59.

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