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Microtech L.U.D.T. – FULL Review

My review of a knife I should have gotten sooner.

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17 replies on “Microtech L.U.D.T. – FULL Review”

Microโ€™s are all hand sharpened, me thinks, and they have great QC. Thatโ€™s why they are all super sharp.

You can find the triwing bits to take it apart if you really wanted to. But I think Microtech is pretty strict on dissembly voiding the warranty, hell if you read the paperwork sharpening it yourself can void the warranty.

You're killing me Brian. I'm in a no carry auto state. Got a UTX85 just to experience it and use around the house. But I know if I got one of these guys I'd end up carrying it, and I don't need that risk. Microtech how about a thumbstud version?

Does it remind you of the Mordax? Or is it just my imaginations? It sounds like a marvelous blade… thanks Bryan…great review, even if you donโ€™t agree with me…lol.

"L-Underwater Demolition Team"…. Does that mean it is waterproof and perfect for the kitchen and underwater?

Purple yes! Beautiful knife. As usual, if I had the money… The Elite is SOOOo nice though! And that sound LOL!

Such a good knife. Love my red/black one. Surprisingly, I don't hate the purple. Thanks for the review.

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