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Microtech Combat Troodon Review – John Wick's Knife!

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Let’s take a look at one of the finest OTFs ever made!


12 replies on “Microtech Combat Troodon Review – John Wick's Knife!”

I own a number of Cyphers as well as Combat Troodons. I go back and forth on which one is my favorite– one week it will be the CT, next week it will be the Cypher. Love them both. But the CT w satin blade is so nice!!! Love them. I have 2 CT's w satin M390 blades.

I prefer the stonewash finish on my UTX 85 (I had it engraved 'fortis fortuna audivat' I really do love John Wick), I feel it wears very well, the satin is nice!

Speaking of the Wick movies, which of the three are your favorite GP?

Nothing like an adult male showing images of another adult male holding gigantic dildos when trying to share the pocket knife collecting hobby with granddaughters. By by, Felicia…

Don't buy a dlc coated blade. Out of 5 I have only the Dirac Delta is blemish free. My OCD will not even let my take the CT or Cypher out of the box as they both have blemishes/specks in the blades

Holy fuck dude, you had me rolling at the idea of “the christkiller” knife. That was hilarious 🤣

Sounds like Dunlop/MXR FX to me!
Another winner! Found a dealer down inside the Atlanta perimeter. Planning to see what he's got next day or two if my nerve holds. Hate going down there. My insurance rate dropped like 20% when I stopped commuting there. What a hole! Only city I've seen more worthy if my avoidance was Las Vegas. Transferred there for a company. Stayed 6weeks before staging an emergency extraction on myself! I try to stay in the mountains between here and Lake Rayburn. Tuning in for next vid!🎣

What a gem of a video, and I'm looking forward to the first 15 min stand-up set.

Enjoyed your review. I recently bought the little brother Troodon and find it to be a nice size for EDC. Thought the CT might be too large, but it seems the knives appear larger in videos than in person. I also have an Ultratech and agree that Microtech makes an excellent knife. Not cheap but worth the money.

It took me months to find one like that in a satin blade. I think Microtech has something against satin blades, or everyone buys them up so fast I never get a chance.

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