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CRKT KHC Karen Hood Chopper knife review

This sweet chopping camp Bowie is a hunters dream blade.

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I’m half way through the vid .
I had this on my watch list not long ago .
Can’t wait to see how it performs ( for $375 ).
I have a rule ( actually my wife’s rule if I’m being honest haha );
I could never spend that kind of dough on a blade ( unless it’s a custom piece of course ).
I’m curious about that sheath .
For that kind of money , maybe they should of included a Ferro Rod and Striker , a Stone , and a $100 gift card to Amazon haha .
I’ll be back to finish the vid .
Can’t wait to see this in action 🤠

Wow that needs to go in my EDC frozen turkey chopper collection. Will be carrying a CS Scottish Dirk today 100 plus turkeys later it's still holding strong .

It's amazing how you have a different background in nearly every intro I've seen, just saying! Great review!

I just looked on knife center and they have it on sale for $89.95 . It would be cool to see a comparison to the esee hunglas. Thank you could do a head to head competition? O Dang I guess I should wait till the end of the video before I comment lol

Big respect to you my friend from the Russians that you fought in Afghanistan against the terrorists.I wish one day we gonna have absolute peace in our planet.

Have I heard correctly ? 375 ??? If it ‘ s true , I can’t help admiring my Tramontina 18 ‘ .

Great review D Bad that knife is a BEAST !
PS you had me laughing with that spray paint can 😂

Beautiful knife. I'd own it. But, not at $375. I'll try and shop around.
On another note. I got the Gil Hibben Highlander. Had to get it. I miss my Rambo 3 Hibben.
Did you do a review on the Schrade Leroy Bowie?

Really good review. I picked up this blade up at knife center about a week ago. It is an attractive blade like you mentioned and has really decent cutting ability considering the blade thickness. Really worth the price.

I have a few crkt knives and like them but I wonder how they compare to cold steel drop forged or the carbon v as far as staying sharp..

Brother that was one hell of a chopper it's not often one of those nights just come along you just had a blast you thoroughly enjoyed yourself with that one did the dogs ever find the squirrel all right my brother stay strong and be safe

If that's an Idaho knife you should have at least try potato chop. You know us low CC brain powered people as soon as you say Idaho automatically think potato

Better you than me brother lol I be damned if I'm gonna pay thattt much for a 1095 knife!!!

Awesome blade brother. I saw one that a guy took the coated Finnish off and under the cover is one beautiful blade. Nice indeed

Cool knife as it seems like it has some good bite for sure as I dig it….Thanks for the show as loved the spray can job…LOL…Any news on your Rambo tribute knife from the KHHI??? Good stuff…

I'm pretty sure TOPS made these for CRKT. It has that TOPS look from tip to heel. Same style micarta handles Tops uses, same coating, same steel, same everything. These were stupid expensive when they first came out, but they're finally affordable now they are discontinuing them.

Again a knife that makes me think.. ok I want that knife .. great video as allways bro

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