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Best New Knives of April 2020 Available at

It’s that time again as we check out all the best knives to debut in April 2020. Check out the full list here:

Featured Knives
Bestech Eye of Ra:
Revo Ness:
Condor Bushglider:
SOG Trident AT:
Kershaw Launch 11:
Spyderco Watu:
Viper Belone:
Reate Iron:
Shirogorov Quantum:

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18 replies on “Best New Knives of April 2020 Available at”

$1200.00 for a knife..I’ll stick with my 28 yr old…extremely reliable Buck 112. Most reliable knife I have ever used. Period.

I like your video’s. I am interested in most all of the knives as long as they are not from the ccp the virus they give us was enough to do me

If you're a protester in all of what's going on, go jump off of a bridge, gravity is a liberal hoax.

Good information.. BUT $100+ FOR A E.D.C. KNIFE OR A POCKET KNIFE.. someone's on what my governor in Michigan is on.. Drugs. LMAO not for the working man pay check.

Who thinks Kershaw makes too many cheap steel knives?? Now they partner wit ZT?? I guess they think who they are. I wont buy crkt either, too much aus~8 when we all know we want at least D2. Hello🔪🔪

What’s the rough wait time on model J1912S-NTG? I can’t click the about us on the website to send email.

So many folders on the market these days! They all look the same with slight variations … the Spyderco are just another Sypderco with slight variations.
$1100 for any blade is asking a LOT but for a folder with mediocre steel and a liner whatever lock … good luck with that!

Sorry guys but I know that it can’t just be me that knows that buying product from China is wrong so I’m not going to be buying anything from China that I can buy American or pretty much any other country and knife center I wish you would put everything not made in China in its own segregated section to make it easier for patriots to shop there

These are all cool but just wanted to say thanks David C Anderson, consistently a laid back, reassuring voice and personality in these times. Keep doing what you’re doing man.

Bestech EYE of RA PLEASE tell me you guys ship to Brisbane Australia !!! ?

The Reate Iron looks beautiful but I cant buy it due to the ugly slightly mismatched silhouette in the middle.

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