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A Bunch of Brand New Spydercos in April……………Not Just Knives!!!!

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17 replies on “A Bunch of Brand New Spydercos in April……………Not Just Knives!!!!”

That was quite a lot of Syderco!! You know you had my attention with the red!!!! Thanks for sharing brother!!

That pm2 is thicc! I wonder if they are using that thick of a blade on the tanto version. The whiskey glass is a true knife nuts drinking implement! That thing is sick!

that recent St. Nick's edition in the 4V is great- did they make red FRN like that as well? have a great collection..your knife budget is crazy..2 months of knives ..lot of money..are you in the knife Mafia?

Helluva knife haul! I was lucky enough to snag a PM2 in S45vn today. Thanks for the vid.

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