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Puma Original Bowie knife – review

Video review of worldwide known Puma Bowie hunting knife made in Solingen – Germany. Bowie blade is made of high corrosion resistance 440C stainless steel. Handle is made of staghorn and classic sheath of brown leather.

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Welcome to this video in which we are going to show and make a short review of a Puma fixed knife called Original Bowie. As you can see, this knife is made by famous Company Puma, based in Solingen Germany. Solingen is a city in Germany, which is most famous for knife making over centuries. And Puma is one of, how to say, really well-known companies for this city and is mainly specialized in hunting knives. Which are precisely made, mostly handmade and have a really high quality. This original Bowie is also handmade. It comes with a certificate, which shows when knife was made, this particular piece was made in 2013, it also shows all the instructions how to sharpen the knife, how to use knife, about warranty information, everything what you have to know about your knife, when you buy one. These instructions are in English and in German.

The knife itself comes in really nice leather, dark brown sheath, which has also a sling for attaching it to the leg or you can also attach it to your belt and then on your leg. It has interesting two safeties for the knife, so even if you unleash this traditional safety the knife still stays in the sheath, so you have to remove this sling and here you go.

This is Original Bowie made by Puma. You can see here, each knife gets measured for the hardness. It was tested here, before it leaves the company. And as you can see, this knife is quite big, it is long, not too heavy and has a traditional Bowie design. It is almost, well it is 28 centimeters long, the blade itself is 15.5 centimeters long, it has a thickness of 4 millimeters and is a one piece, full tang design. The blade goes from here all the way to here, to the end of the handle. It weight 200 grams and is made of 440 C stainless steel, it has a satin finish and for handle material a natural stag horn is used. It has really nice finish and is very durable natural material. Smooth, as you can see in some parts this material is polished, it is not satin anymore like the blade. So it was really a lot of attention was invested in the details in this knife, when it was produced. The knife is handmade, so you can that every piece has some unique features. The knife also has a steel bolster, here, between the handle and the blade. And it has a brass sling hole, and brass bolsters for the handle. It is robust, reliable but still precisely handmade knife made by Puma in Solingen Germany. So, this was a short review of Puma Original Bowie and for more information, please click the link below in the description window of this video.

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Some of my sons carried them as their battle knives in Afghanistan and Iraq. I also Carrie the Original Bowie and the White Hunter. We have been a Puma knife family since the mid-1950's: about 65 years. You can't get better.

While you watch this video, you should have this playing in the background:

I like this knife, but it's more of a fighting Bowie knife than a woods Bowie knife. At least it doesn't have the silly and awkward, double crossguard of the ridiculous, 19th century Bowie. I would like more belly on it, more weight up front so that it's better for chopping wood, and less better at stabbing. I like a Bowie that is more of a butcher knife, like the original, than the later, nineteenth century, mass produced tomfoolery.
I love Puma knives and I would enjoy owning any of them. Great knives!

The original puma Bowie knife was actually from 1975 and it is the one I have. It is high carbon steel. Not stainless

Staghorn is a very bad material for knives. The handle is humpbacked and crooked with a bad feeling in a hand because of its used rivets. It also collects dirt, dust and bacteria like no other material.

Say Heah, I finally called Puma, They pointed me to the German Puma, and my Bowie 2 is a Handmade Solengin German Puma that is the simpliar model to your Bowie but without the Bolster. What attracted me was it's a Saber Vex Grind instead of the Hollow Grind. I bought two Gerber Freeman Hunter and the Caper that look like they were made as a set, Except my Gerber Freeman are in the S30V and the Bowie 2 is in the 440c. Which I'm quite familiar with since I have 440c knives. I am very, very happy how much my three knives match eachother, down to the stag. The size distribution is great to make a usable 3Knife carry, Although I will carry the Puma Bowie 2 on person and the Gerber I will attach to my pack with the saw and Hatchet. OR, I can add my White Handle Himalayan Imports M – 43 Khukuri to the knives since my M-43 is a white bone handle and a excellent chopper. I was saddened at first thinking it was made in the 440a. because I only use my knives around working wood and I need good edge retention. At the end of a tiring day, Tge last thing I want to do is sharpen my knives in the dark. But
God Always is Good
Good is Always God.

One more thing, On my Puma 2, The grind appears to be a Saber Grind instead of a Hollow Grind which is ideal what I use my knives for in the bush, I work wood more then I would to dress game. Actually I already teamed my Puma Bowie 2 with my Gerber Freeman Hunter and the Caper both with stag handles and in S30V actually a very nice match by just how the knives are made without bolsters and just blade and the stag Slabs. Again if you can help please and Thank You.

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