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No Civivi Elementum No Problem – 10 (Cheaper) Alternatives

No Civivi Elementum No Problem
Having a hard time finding an Civivi Elementum? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with a list of 10 pocket knives you can buy instead. These alternative knives are similar to the Civivi WE Elementum in price, size, and design. What knives would be on your list?
Thank you for watching my top 10 list of Civivi Elementum substitutes.

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Civivi Little Fiend – or

Harnds Wind – or

Kershaw Skyline 1760 –

Artisan Cutlery Small Tradition –

CJRB Small Feldspar –

Steel Will Mini Cutjack –

SOG Terminus XR D2 –

Honey Badger Medium D2 –

Ontario RAT II D2 –

Ka-Bar Dozier –
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29 replies on “No Civivi Elementum No Problem – 10 (Cheaper) Alternatives”

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Civivi Durus comes to mind as well. Though I dunno how available that is tbh. Great vid 🙂

I’ve only held / own one civivi . I will say this tho , I was very impressed with the knife quality and drop shut smoothness proper sharpness out of box. I have two more on my radar now 😂. ( I own the backlash in carbon fiber. My dressed up for night out knife.) daily carry is Spyderco’s pm2 .

Nothing like a little knife porn to cheer me up on the weekend. Ehat a great selection of attractive folders. The Diozier, I own and is a favorite. Only other one frkm my modest collection that I would suggest is the Esee Zancudo. Like the Dozier, it spends a lot of time in my pocket. Thanks. Enjoyable presentation.

Gotta say you influenced my last 6 knife purchases. The benchmade casbah auto is still my favorite

I luv seeing all the lefty-friendly options!!! Very much appreciate those companies thinking about us sinister folk.

I really like the look of the Harnds Wind! I might have to pick one of those up!! Lots of excellent knives on this list and to honest…I like most of them more than the Elementum…lol! Thanks Jay!!

I luckily have an Elementum with a micarta handle no less and it's my daily carry. Sorry… I allow myself one brag a day and that was it. But I think another alternate candidate might be the Kershaw Oso Sweet. Ken Onion design, FRP handles, 3AUS and only 20-something dollars. Assisted opening if that matters. But it was one of my favorites until I somehow lost it.

ok ok, that elementum itch needed scratching
but damn, 10x ? ? ?
you're NOT helping Knife Beater ! 😠

Great video Jay. I definitely want to get the Elementum at some point but you gave good alternatives. And IMO the Dozier is the best way to spend $20 if you don't mind the back lock. After a little break in time and some practice it's a one hand knife. Stay well my friend and thanks for sharing.

I like your final choice. I don't have a Dozier, but it's on my list. I managed to get an Elementum on the second wave of their release. I think Ganzo has quite a few models that land in that size range. FB727S, FH51, FH61, F753M. The Civivi McKenna is smaller but has about the same blade length. Before I got my Elementum, the Ganzo FH51 was filling that role. I still like the Ganzo, and i rotate it in once in awhile.

I am holding my Tuyaknife Bruiser as we speak. Also the Modus is a good one. How about the Kizer Dukes. There are so many. Good list. Of course, as you know, my R2D2 is always in my pocket. Lol. Thanks Jay.

I have an Elementum and really like it, but for my hands, its just a hair too small to be prefect. A larger size, would probably be the absolute perfect EDC knife for me! That being said, I still find myself carrying the Elementum regularly because its just so lightweight and flawless in action.

Pretty good options I’ve been going crazy trying to find an elementum I like the kakar dosier. I have cutt jack.have small and muedium honey badger. theGent to me is a stuck up elementum just because it’s made from ferrum forge I refuse to buy it. I will trade a brand new bugout for an elementum cf or grey g10 lol..I have a few bugouts

Nice alternatives, Jay. I gotta tell ya, I LOVE my Elementum with ebony wood scales and carry it often. Thanks for the recommendation. Your video about the Feldspar the other day got me looking at CJRB and I decided to go with the Centros. Slick knife. I live in NC so no worry about blade lengths here. Thanks for your channel!

Love this little lot, just my thing: Then got thinking, how many knives do you have Jay?
How do you store them and how fo you file them, in order to find the ones you need.
Much love to you, your important people and the long since vanished cat!

Hey man thanks for the shout out. Your video about the CJRB Feldspar got me thinking and I actually went with that knife, well ordered it and I can’t wait to get it in. Thanks again for the great content. There are a couple of knifes on your list I want to pickup. I’m just starting out my collection so the crjb is my first purchase. Well until the Elementum coming out.

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