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Making A Knife From Oilfield Sucker Rod | Knife Making

In this video we’ll be making a knife that incorporates oilfield sucker rod. These rods are used on a rod pump system to extract hydrocarbons from over 9000′ deep! To incorporate the sucker rod on this knife we’ll build a san mai billet. There were a lot of twists and turns in this build, so I hope yall enjoy the action!

✅Notable Items:
Bandsaw Blades –
DeWalt Angle Grinder –
Kant Twist Clamp 1” –
WEN Water Cooled Sharpener –
G-Flex Epoxy –

Resp-O-Rator (for beards) –
3M Bluetooth Hearing Protection –
How To Grind Bevels –

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✅Camera Gear:
Camera – Panasonic G7 –
Microphone – Takstar –
SD Card – 128GB –

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NEW DRINKING GAME: Every time I say “utilize(d)”…. DRINK!… I expect an official count in the comments. 😅🙌

I'm sure you've already seen the Travis Wuertz tool rest set up…but I have a TW90 and it's a sweet set up. Jeremy from SLL was designing one very similar. Versatility with this set up is amazing. You might have left over parts from your surface grinder to get started with. Something to maybe look at.

Hello friend, which drill did you use to lower the holes in the wooden splints. Where to buy. Thankful.

Try to use the angle grinder to round of the edges of your hammer it will speed things up and is make it easier to get the hammer marks out nice work btw

Hello, I am really chuffed about the practical and artistic way you make knives. I have subscribed to your channel recently. i would like to procure the kind of device you are using for grinding as a mask causes my glasses to cloud and it is not sufficient enough. Maybe you can tell me where I might shop for such device. Many thanks.

Hey man, great knife and great video as always! Could you tell me the total length of this knife?

Good looking knife. If the holes are deep enough fill them with epoxy tinted black or make some small plugs out of the wood. Drill an appropriate sized hole in a piece of steel then drive a slightly larger sized wood square through the hole. The steel will size the dowel to fit in the void

You have certain style where even your "mistakes" look good. I really like the profiles on your blades too.

The 'groovy file thingy'. File it from both sides equally. Might eliminate your shallow groove. Me, nobody, watching, thinking and just saying. Nice.

Hey dude nice build! When you're using that jimping file go one way and turn the blade around and do it from that direction also, it will even the jimping out equally!

I like it, I think it looks amazing especially that blade. When I saw it first I thought you had used loveless fasteners, if that void is a concern you could mix some epoxy add some black dye, or other color and fill it in, but how well that would last I don't know. I actually like the look of the extra interior circle of the fastener, if it was flush with the exterior it would look great, as it is I still like it though. I'm not a fan of gold but it really works well on that knife with the other colors.

If you cleaned and filled the exposed voids with brass-filled hard UV cure epoxy, you’d have an enhanced appearance feature. Could use white, red, blue, silver, black, etc. as accents.
Try it, if it looks good, gimme a shout, I may ask to buy it…..

Funny you mentioned the sucker rod not hardening. I was playing with some steel from a truck just last night, I think it’s some kind of strut and it throws sparks like it’s super high carbon but I can only get it to around 50 hrc or less. That’s why we test first! 😉

I'm still watching the video, but before I forget…if you file your jimping in and then come at it from the other side, will the teeth line up or would you wreck it? Just thinking that might be a way to get the one shallow grove the same depth as the rest

That Wood looked to be Wenge. The Bocote you bought will be a bit lighter and yellower. Wenge dust is dark brown, Bocote is a lot lighter. Be careful with Wenge. It splinters easily and the splinters or somewhat toxic and can get infected easily. That being said, Wenge is one of my favorite woods as is Bocote. Other nice woods that polish up even nicer are Cocobolo and Koa. Wear a mash as I got a brutal rash from I think African black wood dust.

Those hammer marks look familiar. I still cannot avoid them myself, but I have found that dressing the hammer face to round out the edges helps. I still leave marks but they are not as deep and I don't need to turn as much steel into grinder dust.

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