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Knife Review: Spyderco Native 5

*** Specifications ***

Length (closed): 10 cm / 4 in
Overall length: 17.5 cm / 7 in
Blade length: 7.5 cm / 3 in
Lock: Lockback

Blade material: CPM S30V stainless steel
Handle material: FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon)

Price: $105 USD (as of April 2020)

*** Pros / Cons ***

+ Ergonomic and secure handle
+ Very sharp out of the box
+ Excellent edge retention
+ Very good fit & finish
+ Lightweight

– Small (limited use)
– Not easy to sharpen

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29 replies on “Knife Review: Spyderco Native 5”


Isn't this the same man who once batoned with a butterknife, hammered it halfway through a log, and then shot it with a gun?

Oh hey can you review some kitchen knives im looking for a good lifetime set that isnt just inflation of brand names

What happened to your other video did it get copyrighted i saw the title and i really wanted to watch it later but then it was gone. The assassins creed valhala impressions

Im glad you included that last blooper, knowing if you pocket shank has an edge or not is vital information.

Loosen the pivot screw to make the tension looser. It’s a back lock so it’ll be hard to do a spydy flip with it, but it’ll get there.

To flick it (and most other spyderco knives), use your middle finger and flick the bottom of the spidey-hole

I'll stick with black legion knives, there cheap and I've found them more reliable than most for everyday tasks. But maybe I'll look into this after this knives gives out.

Skall: You shouldn't baton with a pocket knife!
Advanced Knife Bro: Really? I didn't know that…..

Are you thinking about reviewing your Opinel? Opinel knives are some of my favorites, and I am very curious about your thoughts!

It's worth noting that this is the lightweight version. The normal one has full steel liners and G10 scales.

The location listed on the knife is… Golden, Colorado, USA, EARTH.
I wonder if they make those on Mars now.

More knife reviews please! I find your sword videos insanely entertaining but for me personally it’s more realistic to collect cool knives than cool swords. And I happen to respect your opinion quite a bit!

How did you get this? I thought Canadian border services banned one handed opening knives like this

One of my favorite spydercos outside of the endura. Been carrying one for ever a year (but mine is s35vn steel you have a later model) – until lately when I started carrying the larger endura more (lately I've been carrying bigger knives, I mean, if they are arresting you for going for a walk in the garden, worrying about blade length rules is kinda moot anyway lol)
NOTE: You can adjust the pivot slightly so it can be flicked open with the middle finger in the far side of the hole!

I remember when I subscribed way back when for the knife reviews. And got into swords because of you ^^

Spyderco could use a fresh logo. That spider looks more like a Tick, which are also spiders in a way but not the cool kind. 😉

I have a delica 5. Great knives, don't accept size as legitimate negative as its size is in the spec and you would know this before buying a knife like this. They do larger knives and more Bushcrafty knives are about. A good knife deserves to be looked after and will serve you well for years.

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