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The Monterey Bay Knives EWC Pocketknife: A Classic Mild Mannered Review

The MBK EWC is a unique folder that is perfect for every day carry in lots of locations and situations… and it’s fidget factor is off the charts!

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Monterey Bay Knives EWC:

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24 replies on “The Monterey Bay Knives EWC Pocketknife: A Classic Mild Mannered Review”

These look so nice, I wish they were stocked over my side of the pond though, they'd likely sell well! Lovely review mate

Gonna try to get one when they become available – it's an annoyingly desirable knife! 👀

Thanks for the review! This knife is calling my name. Hope it makes it into my collection!

Now this is 1 knife I am probably going to get for my collection

can you please measure the blade with sting just so I know if it would be legal here ? 😁

A beautiful knife with very simple lines. I like the very simple billboarding. It sort of reminds me of a thick gentleman’s carry. Definitely a unique action. Interesting! Thanks Brad.

I love this knife. It holds a special place in my collection and in my heart. It’s elegant, practical and very well made. It’s a great piece to travel with or just like you said, to bring to the office. That’s usually what I carry when I meet my clients at their work place. Cool review Brad 😎👍

great review bro i barely have any hands anymore either hahah its hard for hand models out there.

Brad, very nice review of a very nice little knife. I'd like to have one someday to keep my EZC company. (Thank you for fixing me up with the EZC. Fidgeting with it as I type this) I am definitely a Ray Laconico fan and he has several designs I'd like to acquire. (The Keen and the Centauri to name two)

At the moment, I'm waiting (patiently?) for TwoSun to resume shipping knives from China which will hopefully be soon. I bought a TS 241 off of eBay and from what I can tell, it's pretty much the same thing as the MBK-EWC. It's a double detent, front flipper slip joint with a 2.75" blade and weighs 1.8 oz. OCD-4-EDC and LTK both have reviews of the TS 241.

At any rate, the EWC is another Laconico design I'd like to get some day. Trouble is, I've got a loooong list of like to have someday knives but a short on funds wallet.

Oh yeah! Remember, don't cut yourself and don't rob banks 😂

What a great looking knife. Love the flipping action, its the same as the blackstar from isham bladeworks.
This is definately going on the list, do you know if they are available in the UK? Fantastic review Brad, thanks for sharing.

The simple and clean design makes this knife so sleek. That fidget factor is insane, it might cost me a couple of digits but man it’s nice.

Oh yeah!!! You know I love me some Laconico knives! Just ordered the micarta Centauri and cant wait to get it in hand!! Great review of a fantastic knife brother!!

Hello. RL does great designs that look simpler than they are. Classic looks, gentlemens knives that do work. All the best.

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