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Chef's Knife Review #1 – Global 8 inch Chef's Knife! l Soulful Bowl

Great for users with small hands!

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I don't know if you did the fast vertical chopping for demonstration reasons for this prove this knife can do those cuts easily…if it's your own style when you use the knife I would have bought a Sentuku or something with a flatter edge.

I'd like to see Global with a chef's knife that has a rounder belly where the tip is closer to the spine (Messermeister has one, Zwilling PRO line has one…)

This is no test… My $10 dollar Walmart knife looks similar and cuts just as good. I have to sharpen it after every use. That’s where the quality cones in… these appear to be really good

I just bought a global g2 chef knife. I see your knife have writing bin the fron of the knife like this:
Cromoya 18 stainless steel
G-2 Yoshikin Japan.

But my G2 only have writing like this in the front:
Molybdenum/ vanadium steel.

And in the back (other side of the blade) it say:
Made in Japan.

Did I received a real global knife but an old stok/ model or maybe I received a FAKE global knife? Please help

Hey, pls I need an advice. I`m between buying a wusthof classic knife 8 inch or this Global G2. The only two knives i`ve ever have, weigh like 180 grams maximum. I feel comfortable with that weight, is the wusthoff quite heavier?. And wich would you prefer to cut ingredients in a working kitchen?

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