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Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 Knife Review

Putting the mighty Benchmade Bushcrafter to the test. This knife is one of my favourite all round survival knives. Firemaking, feathersticks, chopping, skinning you name it and this one can do it.

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Awesome knife , it’s basically bear gryills knife on the first 3 seasons of man vs wild , check it out , I bet that’s where they got the idea !

The handle with front and rear guards and great overall fit.. Steel gets real sharp and slashes vines, branches and even small trees easily. The Steel takes a bit to get sharp, but it has good edge retention. Thick spin = very strong. The ballance is not like a machete since the weight is more on the handle than the blade end. Overall I was very impressed with the knife.

Thinking of picking one up for myself soon! Thanks for the review! Also how does one get the drop carry loop?

Could you share the specific name of the brand and size of your ferro rod? I couldn't catch it when you said it in the video. Thanks.

Love the knife, HATE the sheath. For what they’re charging, it’s unforgivable that they didn’t include the dangler. Replaced it with a sheath I got from LT Wright.

Very good video. Nice to see the skinning added too. I have one of these and I like it a lot. I agree with your comments. It does a good job for all-around use, and without having a extra long blade.

Nice to see one of these actually do a little skinning. Looks like a really good all-rounder.

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