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The Maserin 389/RV Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a very interesting knife from Maserin, the 389/RV, which combines a nice wood handle with a nice blade, at a pretty damned nice price.

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G'day Nick, basically a nice little design at a very fair price, thanks for showing it. Yeah, it needs a deep carry clip, torx screws and better lock bar access. And seriously, how much do bronze washers cost ? Fix those and the free spinning pivot, (perhaps a brown burl), I'd order one right now. Cheers Duke.

I appreciate your knife reviews. I picked up several Spyderco Roadies because of them. Have you reviewed the Spyderco Squeak? It's a very simple, inexpensive slipjoint folder. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Promising in more than one way. I hope the Italians are watching. If they would follow Nick's advice, this could be great.

The green burlwood resembles camo, for 85.00 perhaps a clipped pocket slip would be better.

Nick I got to throw you a compliment. Nature has blessed you like myself with normal fingernails. I watch so many knife videos from knife reviewers that have less than desirable hands and nails to look at. 🤟🏻 As for knife I find boring but I appreciate the review, jackass.

Hey Nick! Love your vids and I really appreciate your conscious choice to try to be gender neutral with your pronouns! That's something that we don't get very often in the knife world with a lot of flag toting "true Americans" that see anyone promoting things like gender neutrality (or even equality) as whining "snowflakes". I'm not saying by any means that they are the norm or majority but they definitely make their voices known in the community. So kudos to you, you glorious gentlefolk! …. PS…. Jackass is gender neutral as well, right? Have a good one!

I bought the related slimmer model (Consoli) from a major knife distributor and had to return it. The screws in the scale had cracked the scale from the screw hole to the edge. Not sure this would be an issue with this model but I would be on the lookout for it.

Mine was relatively easy to disassemble. Ok, you need pliers. But I have seen far worse.
For some weird reason, they choose to use flathead-, Phillips-, Torx- and even inbus screws in this little knives.

Filed back-spacers with that design look nice. That looks like someone took the liners to the Ruffle's factory and said "have at it"

I love Maserin as a budget gentleman's option, but the teflon washers really don't appeal on this one. I have a Turtle with AUS-8 and cocobolo scales and even that has some sort of metal washers. Still great to see a sub $100 folder with (mostly) premium materials though.

Yknow, it's OK to make most all knives right handed when it comes to liner/frame locks, and in many cases, the pocket clip. I get it, but to exclude lefties entirely… By making a thumbstud on one side, and not providing a cutout on the other side, so you can't even switch the thumb stud. Just seems inconsiderate…

Niceeee! I have this joint. Nice little affordable knife. Not perfect. But can’t complain with the price and the looks! Do more MKM! viper knives has a lot to offer with good prices.

Aaalmost worth it! The materials are nice but the fit and finish just turn me away. Thanks Nick

I had a Maserin slipjoint that was D2 and black linen micarta scales. I ended up selling it but i did like it quite a bit.

I’ve been watching this for a while, but the Teflon, in a non-disassemble knife, doesn’t work for me. They’re fine while they work, but what happens when they wear out? On the plus side, slip this in your jeans pocket and you can get a ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ back cover photo moment!

Hey, Nick! I love Maserin knives. As a matter of fact, I offered to lend you my Maserin Bulldog a while back! Keep up the good reviews, these are always interesting.

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