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Spyderco Military: Knife Review

This is one of my most favorite knives: Spyderco Knives, Military features: 4″ flat ground CPMS30V blade, 5/32″ thick, with jimped thumb ramp and hole for ambidextrous one hand opening, and G10 handle, 5 1/2″ closed, with nested linerlock, back spacers for easy field cleaning, 3 point attachment metal pocket clip (mounted over the pivot screw) and lanyard hole. Available in plain, part serrated and serrated edge. 9 1/2″ overall, 4oz

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while it's called the "military," i wouldn't consider it to be a tactical knife but, more of a utility knife. i was never drawn to the design in any way as it wasn't appealing at all to me but, i got one in cpm cruwear in a trade as i was interested in the steel mainly and i have to say it's been one of my top favorites and one of the absolute most functional working blades i've owned. ergos are great, gloved use is excellent, blade is a good size for most any job.

The one I bought, just over a year ago, has terrible traction on the G10, I have hardly ever used the thing as it's been in my draw. It's unacceptable at the price to be frank.


Great review! I've only got the Manix 2 and the Manix2 xl. But i love those knives! I want the camo Military cuz it is truly bad ass. My question to you is, where online should I buy Spyercos? Amazon seems ok, but whats your oponion? Thanks!

I bought 3 of these in 1995 CPM440and they are still going strong. you will need a diamond hone to sharpen them. cause the metal is tough to keep the correct angle. but you don't need to sharpen it much thank god. I wish they would bring back the serration all the way around the hole hold. but that was only on the originals they said. the screws will come lose on the scales if you seat around popping it open by holding the blade or quick snap it open to many times. other then adding the lanyard.

You can't do tip up carry? that's bullshit. I was literally about to hit the buy button, guess it's back to the search button. good review tho.

Good review! I feel the same way. I think the military is the perfect folder: it's strong, light, and has ideal ergonomics.

I just got mine in camo g10 with a black blade and I absolutely love it! The only issue I have is that the blade centering sucks on mine, its kinda a bummer.

If you have a drill press, just invest $6 in a 2-56 drill/tap and you can switch any Spyderco to tip-up (as I prefer). Simple job and anyone can do it. Since I switched mine to tip-up it never leaves my pocket. Was the one reason I didn't carry as much before b/c I hate tip down. Great review.. Cheers.

i just got this knife absolutely love it. sharp right out of the box. thanks and keep up the good work

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