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Schrade SCSK1 Survival Kit Review & Mod

Reviewing and improving the Schrade SCSK1 Survival Kit. Quite the spartan kit, but with a little work it ends up being….better than it was. This kit itself sells for around $8-$10. Enjoy!

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Another good video thanks! That kit wasn't much more than what comes in the handle of those cheap Rambo knives haha. I'd be embarrassed as a company to even sell that. Your modification was great.

Great video and I had to laugh at "This is a MAN'S survival kit" and you're right, if you can survive on that thing, you're the MAN.

On the flip side, you did turn it into a handy little pocket kit, but I would never keep or use mono line for a fishing kit. Braided fishing line is so much better, stronger, thinner, and you can store more of it in a small place and it doesn't degrade like mono line. Keep up the great work.

Haha! I guess someone has pandemic time on their hands. 😉 Probably not worth the effort but a fun little exercise! Thanks.

Thank you for doing this it was mainly as a challenge to you it's my survival kit container as of right now I basically got rid of everything that came in there lol

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