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KA-Bar Wrench Knife

I first saw this blade on a Instagram post from KA-Bar. I instantly had to get one. Man this wrench knife is a thing of beauty. Feels a little slick in hand, but it is a work of blade art.

If you wish to purchase this blade, i have left a link to


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Making it out of D2 would have been appropriate for a $50ish knife. Has the QA of a $12 knife. :-/

Neat concept though. This correction in the market needs to correct retail pricing. People are out of work, pinching every penny they have (due to lack of financial planning/preparedness), and they are not going to throw down $50 on something that's not worth $20. People are going to be value-oriented more than ever post-crash, and it is going to be this way for a very long time.

Not hating on you, just hating on the product.
Good video.

This reminds me of a Cold Steel series of knives, can’t remember the name. Looks good but blade needs work. Surprised Ka-Bar came that dull. I have a used folder from them and it was still razor sharp. Maybe a quality control issue?

This knife does have a great look to it, I saw it pop up on BladeHQ the other day, and I am tempted.

my oldest son is both a Marine vet, and a professional mechanic. if I can get one in time, I am going to get him one of these as an EDC knife

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