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Ka-Bar Short Tanto Knife Review

This knife was my first quality fixed blade. While it’s not what I would choose again for a woods use or survival knife it actually did quite well.

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Kabar is a fighting/utility knife. You butchered it after cutting off the guard. Cant believe somebody bought it

I got the regular Bowie model. Great for throwing and all the camping outdoors stuff or even as a cheeseknife at dinner parties 😉

That's a tactical fighting kind of knife, not something you want to select as a woods, camping or survival blade.
For that, you need something in a Bowie knife, perhaps, if you still wanna carry a fixed blade.

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Japanese people designed the tanto point as a means to pierce armor. Hence, it’s made to be a fighting knife. Not for bushcraft. The only problem is your choice of tools for the task you choose…tool.

I swear it fucking kills my soul when people "mod" their Ka-bars by cutting off the dual hilt. Ka-bars are fighting knives first then utility knives. they're designed so u could hold the knife in any of the 4 grips mantis, ripper, reverse or standard without favoring one or the other.. If u want a knife without a dual hilt buy something else dont butcher an iconic legend.. but hey its ur blade do whatever u want

all these comments on nails to be cut or whatever…..get over it, these are not fancy commercials for jewelry or some video the average lady would watch….but obviously someone who actually uses their hands, by the you tuber critics my hands should be outlawed I guess cause they are rough working hands and yes I treat my hands so they do not crack, ouch. man up!

I had to stop watching the video after about a minute because your disgusting hands were making me sick.

Clip your finger nails ffs. It only takes a couple of minutes every few weeks.

I've been training in FMA and various other knife fighting styles for awhile, the Ka Bar Tanto full size was my first and still my favorite knife (I got Emerson Karambits, a USMC Short, beckers, a gerbers, SOGs a whole variety of Cold Steels that are great for the price, Kershaws, etc. but always go back to Ka Bar), this Kar Bar Tanto held up against 325+ "zombie kills" with this hard zombie-esque head that i could refill and repair. From throwing it to stabbing it in, and it was TOUGH, it was supposed to be nearly as hard as the human skull so. not that you'd be go for that in a knife fight.

Anyway there are tons and tons of variety of knife fighting training videos but the one thing to remember is it doesn't matter what your grip is, forward or reverse, forward is preferable but as long as you have firm control and a "control-hand" for either taking slices from another opponent or attempting to block their arm (it's very rare to actually deflect a knife with another knife, or even a dagger-sized knife with a hilt like a Ka Bar Tanto , even though in fencing ive managed to catch one with a rapier a few times, more often than not you miss)

To anyone that is interested in getting this for knife fighting training purposes as long as you can EDC this blade in some way and have access to it, GO FOR IT! IT's fantastic, and as good a self-defense weapon and a deterrent to someone fucking with you as ive ever seen. I've had a few people try and step up and fight me but I put my hand to my blade and that ends it.

The knife CAN do some outdoor stuff and do some basic utility stuff but really isn't proficient at doing so. That said, if you want to carry a Ka Bar like this but this is too big, the USMC Short and Tanto short are fucking fantastic and weigh almost nothing for their size with perfect balance, the USMC short I carry quite often and it's been useful for some utility function, though my Ka Bar Warthog is my go-to knife for camping vs a bowie or something like that, or even a hatchet in some cases..

Ka Bar Tanto (as a fighting knife) is a 10/10 weapon, hands-down, capable of the most advanced deflection techniques while be so well balanced and with such a variety of attacks that even an amateur can take down a much nastier, scarier opponent with it, or multiple opponents. Slice their hands and wrists up is what a lot of the attacks we train in are based on.

Nice guard removal, i just bent the guard on my normal ka-bar forward since i have no real grinding machines

that edge is PERFECT for skinning,, I would know I process deer every season down at the local corner store!

This sheath is Glass-Filled Nylon; essentially a fiberglass. The main problem I hear people talking about when it comes to glass-filled nylon, is the dulling effect it can have on the blade… The easiest way to avoid dulling your blade when drawing the knife is to use pressure to slide the knife out with the spine firmly against the back of the sheath, preventing the blade from swiping across the inside of the sheath. It takes some muscle-memory, but it's an easy habit to get into.

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