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Ex Gurkha Kuhkri Fighting Knife – The Gauntlet Review

Whether you spell it Kuhkuri, Khukri or Kukri, this traditional weapon of the Gurkha warrior is a very useful blade style. This one from the Ex Gurkha Kuhkuri House in Kathmandu, Nepal is a tradiotnal style fighting knife that can be used for a wide range of knife stuff.

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13 replies on “Ex Gurkha Kuhkri Fighting Knife – The Gauntlet Review”

12 Gurkhas currently serve in the SAS. They are incredible soldiers and world renowned for their bravery and valour. The British people are immensely proud these young men dedicate their lives to The British Army

Kukri is a multi-use impliment and as such is used for farm duties and other work as well as a tool of attack or defense. It is not just a "fighting knife" altho it can and is obviously. I have kuks in my collection that came right off the farm in Nepal- one of which was a retired ww2 military blade put to use as a barnyard tool…

I need to get one however I plan to modify it by hollowing out the handle and insert Survival Kit in there and I plan on putting a handguard over the hilt

They use the khukuri as offensive weapon now too they train some special moves and always carry them it's our most trusted weapon

Point of order. The Gurkhas use the knife prolificaly in combat with the British army. Point to not was first Iraq war in eliminating Scud misile crews. It was not pleasent..for the iraqis

Been likein yo videos for a while now…you doing good videos…..I'm in Georgia to…two hours from Atlanta…east….like your good videos..thank u man

you can do everything with a kukri – each one is hand made and its own personality – the dam thing probably has a soul 🙂 – ( i have four )

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