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Swaggs Review: Honey Badger Flipper Blue

My Review of the Honey Badger Flipper! Y’all tell me what you think of this knife in a comment. Thanks to Honey Badger for sending this to me! Go get one.

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16 replies on “Swaggs Review: Honey Badger Flipper Blue”

I just started watching some of those SMKW videos.
Throughout them, I couldn't help but think….those guys really know
their stuff and if I had questions about knife specifics, they're the type of people I'd ask. However, if the goal was to SELL more of them, they'd let her
take the wheel and be in spotlight. Just my take from a marketing
perspective. You're learning fast and it's great to see you're doing your own thing now. Definitely the right move.

Good review. I agree that color variety is a plus that some knife manufacturers have not yet realized.

What?…no sound effects?!?! The blue Badger is cool, but I like the green. I agree it's a real good starter flipper.

In the bush, bright, standout, loud colors are waay better than black and green…and shades of blue like this is a direct contrast to the brown and dark orange tones of the forest floor.

Nice knife. Thanks for the review.

i like it ! it'll look good in my right hand , cause it matches the blue of the bud light can in my other hand.

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