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Jeo-Tec Model 17 Folding Knife, Full Review (Bushcraft, Camp, Hunting Knife)

Jeo-Tec Model 17:
Jeo-Tec Model 18:
Jeo-Tec Model 19:
Jeo-Tec Model 21:
Jeo-Tec Model 37:
Jeo-Tec Model 31:
Jeo-Tec Model 39:

Jeo-Tec Model 7:
Jeo-Tec Model 9:
Jeo-Tec Model 11:
Jeo-Tec Model 15:
Jeo-Tec Model 29:
Jeo-Tec Model 35:
Jeo-Tec Model 43:
Jeo-Tec Model 45:

Jeo-Tec Gear Pouch, Tin:
Jeo-Tec Pocket Stove:

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1 reply on “Jeo-Tec Model 17 Folding Knife, Full Review (Bushcraft, Camp, Hunting Knife)”

The Jeo-Tec Model 17 features 12C27 Sandvik steel, scandi grind, cocobolo handle scales, back lock, and is made in Spain. It is the folding version of the Model 18. Either of these knives would be suitable for a camp, hunting, or bushcraft knife. The big knife in the video is the Jeo-Tec Model 37, still my favorite fixed blade in their line up. See the text description box for their current available models. Enjoy :]

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