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Is this fancy $350 Massdrop (@Drop) the Perfect High End Pocket Knife?

The Drop, formerly Massdrop has many high end every day carry items. This EDC folding knife, the Orca, can be ordered in a version with carbon fiber and a layered titanium mokuti. Is it the perfect EDC, or is it worth the price though? Do expensive materials make the knife? Designed by Eric Ochs and made by Reate, the Drop Orca is a very fine example of a knife made with a nice blade steel, a lightweight handle, and with layered accents in a pattern similar to Damascus steel or timascus titanium. Also what does any of this have to do with Timothee Chalamet? I compare this knife to other finer pocket knives like the Spyderco Para Military 2, the Laconico Keen, and the Benchmade 940-1. These all share common attributes like high end blade steel, carbon fiber, and purple-ness.
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15 replies on “Is this fancy $350 Massdrop (@Drop) the Perfect High End Pocket Knife?”

Yeah $350 is a hefty price for what is essentially 154cm. I know 154cm is good steel, but $350? No thanks. Keep up the great work AKB

Nevermind what kind of dancing name you got for the knife this or that

No I am not ate that boy just checked ñ

Too small, when your balls drop get a 4max. I've been carrying a counter point XL because I lift weights and drink black coffee.

Forget toilet paper. Someone is single-handedly causing an orange shortage. That being said… the blue lines and that pocket wear??? It's borderline pandering to your fans to have those both make an appearance… but I'll take it.

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