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HyperBlades Edc OTF knife review

In this video I will discuss an amazing company, that is veteran owned, that makes an amazing U.S.A. made product! i hope you enjoy!!

Here is a site to show your laws in your state!


20 replies on “HyperBlades Edc OTF knife review”

How’s the durability? I’m really debating on buying one but there’s many variants of the switchblade and I don’t know which one to buy lol

Didn't know you did a review on the Hyperblade. I bought one on your word when you spoke on it on Sat Night Hype. Awaiting delivery.

Love these type knifes. Looked at them but unfortunately Ny is very against me owning one. Lol. I too have a conceal license, My Glock 19 ok…..Switch blade….Not ok. Ridiculous

Okay wtf!!!!!!!! You shave your eyebrows and now you are stabbing doll heads?????????? Not a fan of the glass breaker on the bottom. Just a personal preference. And what’s the blade steel? Overall dimensions……..looks like it could be a useful carry

Dave my brotha thanks for the review! I'm not a big fan of OTF knives but I do carry a knife all the time. I'm currently carrying a spyderco amalgam! Also love the tanto style blade!

That is a sick knife. Awesome video. I will be looking into these. Thanks for bringing to our attention.

Absolutely love hyper blades, I have one but I need more! Great review and I’m pumped his name is getting out there more! Great quality products, my wife and I both keep one on us.

Hey whoooaaaaa easy on the switch blade word. Lmao They will throw us all in prison. But that otf knife😉😉 is bad a** tho

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