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Form Over Function Knife Talk

Today I talk about companies making knives that have form over function in my knife talk.

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I’m legitimately pissed off. I cut up one box with my freshly sharpened zt and it’s dull as a donkey turd and thought let’s stop it and see what happens. Absolutely worthless blade steel. 300 dollar knife that can cut one freaking box then need to be fully re sharpened. The ApostleP put a perfect edge on it.

Seems some manufacturers like to take risks while others who play is safe. Knife manufacturers need to understand it could be a persons first purchase or their last, Giant Mouse Iona comes to mind some cool points but enough to make me not want more.

2 of my knives come to mind …

First would be the Boker Plus Takara CF. Bought it because I was curious about it and I was pretty well impressed with my two previous Boker Plus knives, but most of all I bought it because it was on sale for less than the G10 version🤔 It's not that I'm disappointed with the knife. Rather the contrary! It's an awesome toy that also works great as a cutting tool😁 Fit and finish is excellent, very comfy in the hand and it's very pretty in a strange … Japanese sort of way🤨 I would carry it a lot … but … that BEAUTIFUL pocketclip🤩 makes it a pain to get it in and out of the pocket😫 To anyone liking this knife: Get the one without the clip, it comes with a leather sheath … you'll be better off that way😥
Second would be the Ruike P831. That knife to me is so beautiful🤗 even in spite of the blue anodizing🙄 It's just the most awesome design … except for the thumbstud🤬 It's one thing that you need to lay off the lockbar, that's just how some framelocks come, I can adjust to that. But given the fairly strong detent this thumbstud is just not steep enough and the cutout for it is not deep enough. I love a knife with thumbstud(s) or a deployment hole for giving you the option of slowrolling or flicking the blade, but with this one you need to be very deliberate about flicking it, and you simply can not slowroll it😭
I might be ranting … but hey, sometimes I get a bit passionate about my blades😏

The statement is form FOLLOWS function. Saying form OVER function means "make it pretty, we don't care how it works". The form needs to accommodate the intended function, regardless of how it looks. Isham comes to mind as a designer of the first kind. Interesting looking but never intended for use. Hinderer is the second kind. Doesn't really care what it looks like, but it had better 'efen work!

Of course, I don't just collect working knives. Some I bought with the intention of NEVER using them, just looking and playing is their intended function. In that regard, they are quite good.

Hello. My biggest gripe is about cleaver style knives that have a huge flipper tap that stop you using it as a cleaver because the tab hits the surface way before the blade does. All the best.

I think we all prefer a good balance. You can't please everyone with anything. We all have different preferences and uses. To each his own, as long as it makes you happy and works for you.

Isn't there a purpose for making a prototype? Where is QC at that stage of production? I have to agree with you that at the end of the day some knife manufacturers just don't care, welcome to modern day production.

Points well taken, I wonder all the time how many knives well over $150 can even make it off the production line due to issues that shouldn't exist if there were some practical applications applied to their QC. Nice video.

Hey brotha I think you can still get a reblade on that ZT0450. It's not technically warranty work cause you pay for it. I think ZT charges $40 for that right now. Sucks you got a bum blade I got an S35 0562 and thing preforms like a beast, it's my go to work knife.

My zt0095bw s35vn chipped on cardboard in 20 passes when checking its edge when I got it back from the ApotleP. It was perfect until that cardboard. It’s sad that we pay 300 dollars and get bad steel heat treat.

Basically how I felt about my 940-2 blade geometry on it is way too thick to cut card board even when the blades hair popping sharp. It makes a very nice letter opener with the blade shape when it’s hair popping sharp and it’s good when cutting food in the kitchen. So that’s how I use my 175ish dollar 940-2

im sick of T6 screws man i wish someone would come up with a list of knives or companies that use T8 body screws …. I know for sure of only 2 companies so far that i own are TwoSun and Civivi i cringe every time i take apart my Benchmades, twice the price and American made come on Benchmade GET A CLUE! I want a Kershaw bareknuckle and link bad but have seen disassembly vids that make them look like a pieces of sh!?! because of the body screws so i figure ZT probably have the same crap body screws right?.. Keep up the good work Neeves love the Vids.

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