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Wilson Combat EDC X9 First Shots & Impressions

The EDC X9 is marketed at one of the best carry guns on the planet but does it live up to the hype? Is it worth the price? Lets find out.

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20 replies on “Wilson Combat EDC X9 First Shots & Impressions”

Check out the Bul Armory SAS II Ultralight series.
Those must be one of the lightest concealed carry 2011s out there.

I'd love to see a review on one of those. 😎

Love to own this pistol!! But 2,800$ base price is absolutely ridiculous to me. I mean come on guys 😂 give me a break! Can't justify the price tag, no matter how nice it's still just a pistol to me and that's a shame. ☹️.Unobtanium

Did anybody else start thinking halfway through the description of the gun at the beginning “I just wanna see honest outlaws kickass shooting already?”

The Wilson Combat will absolutely improve you as a shooter because it’s so awesome and the tolerances are just amazing. You shoot it way better the Glock HO🤭

Way to expensive. I'd rather grab a few different guns or grab a DWX compact and enjoy different kinda of fun Everytime.

If you put WC on it, you may have to sell a kidney or two but it will go bang and hopefully ding.

There is a sucker born ever minute……..sorry way over expensive. I have a $2000 hammer to sell you..

My wife's range coach carries one. Let her shoot it… then she made me buy one for her! Never looked back! It is what everyone says it is — Love this X9!

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