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The Tuch Knives Sparrowhawk Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll get in Tuch with our custom-loving side, taking a look at the Sparrowhawk by Tuch knives, a really excellent liner lock, which is hiding a really neat trick.

16 replies on “The Tuch Knives Sparrowhawk Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review”

25 bucks to 1200 smackers in the last two videos, very nice! None too cheap and none to dear is a good approach. That way we get to see everything.

It's a pocket knife for Pete's sake. CRKT, Kershaw and Spyderco make great knives for a lot less money. They will cut as well. Let's see you pry a paint can lid with that knife.

A very kind review. A short blade, a handle as thick as a brick. The thumbstuds look like tv antennas. That will do. Wow- no.

Lone Wolf Diablo- pre Benchmade operates just like this one. They were made in the USA (Oregon) and have amazing action. Even though highly collectible, one can be procured on the secondary market for $500-700- original price was $180. This one is a tad overpriced IMO.

For $1200 (hell, for $120 but maybe not $12) I expect an actual sharpening choil. If I bought one of these I'd have to slap it on a mill and start taking off metal.

G'day Nick, an extremely attractive and innovative design for sure. Surprised by the flat head screws, not particularly surprised by the price. Didn't catch the blade steel btw. Outta my league in any case, but an especially interesting piece to see, thanks heaps. Cheers Duke.

Pity they didn't use a better blade steel than S30V for $1200 US.. Nothing wring with that steel but…

Ok, very impressive! One inch more and I would fall in love. Not that I could shake that kind of change out of my pocket…
I think I missed the blade steel…
Yes, just checked, no blade steel. Anyone in the know?

I just find something about the plunge line unappealing. Also the thumb studs look like the bolts in Frankenstein's Monster's neck. Otherwise nice enough. 6/10 I think that color is called Mint Green Nick…

Hate to say it…..but I’ve gotten to the point with these videos….I look up price of knife first….and then if it’s completely ridiculous (like above), I pass…..unfortunately on Nick’s channel, I find my self passing a lot lately

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