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Knife Review – Buck Bantam BLW 285

Reviewing the Buck Bantam BLW 285
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21 replies on “Knife Review – Buck Bantam BLW 285”

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Here's what causes the blade play: 1. No steel liners. 2. Fixed pivot that can't be adjusted (tightened). This is crap design from Buck. Disposable.

Good review, agree with everything you said. Bought one of these for my son's first pocket knife.

Might have tried using the swedge (back of blade, nearer to the point where it's almost sharpened) to scrape the fat wood and/or stroke a ferro rod. Works ok from my experience.

Good review, I just picked up the Bantam about two months ago and like it a lot. Just an fyi….i have a Buck 112 FG that I bought in 1989, carried everyday and still do.

Those grooves to help grip is called "jimping" I just bought one of these in muddy girl camo for a friend because she broke her last knife. I figured that Buck's lifetime guarantee would be girl proof

I have one US made Buck knife, it's very well made, the blade is superb and does its job very well. I have sent a non US made Buck knife back 4 times and then money refunded as it was badly made to the point of being unsafe to use for its intended purpose. I no longer buy non US made Buck knives. The catagory of knife being reviewed has a lot of competition and in Europe the EKA folding knives are of a comparable price and deliver an outstanding product suitable for bushcraft use. I have no connection to EKA, they just have very good quality and value products that rarely let you down.

Je ne parle pas anglais. Quelqu'un pourrais me dire si il est bien si cela vaut le coup pour un usage de randonnée ? Merci de me répondre svp

I wanted a smaller knife to carry and picked up one of these. It was pretty sharp out of the pack but I was able to get this little knife super sharp.

I hate shaky knifes but it doesn't look that bad. Ima new subscriber so I'm lookin forward to future content. 👌

Das stimmt, immer daran denken… wenn man Batoniert muss man die Klinegnsperre öffnen und dann geht es mit einem Holzkeil weiter. Grüße

Very fair and honest review👍🏻 thanks for showing this. I have a similar buck knife👍🏻👍🏻

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